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12013Using a new procedure combining the SCS-CN method and the Green-Ampt equation for flood hazard mappingPetroselli, A.; Arcangeletti, E.; Allegrini, E.; Romano, N.; Grimaldi, Salvatore 
22014Unraveling flow patterns through nonlinear manifold learningTauro, Flavia ; Grimaldi, Salvatore ; Porfiri, M.
32012Tracing of shallow water flows through buoyant fluorescent particlesTauro, Flavia ; Pagano, C.; Porfiri, M.; Grimaldi, Salvatore 
42014A topological framework for flow characterization and identificationTauro, Flavia ; Grimaldi, Salvatore ; Porfiri, M.
52012Time of concentrationGrimaldi, Salvatore ; Petroselli, A.; Tauro, F.; Porfiri, M.
62012Testing copula regression against benchmark models for point and interval estimation of tree wood volume in beech standsSerinaldi, F.; Grimaldi, F.; Abdolhosseini, M.; Corona, Piermaria ; Cimini, D.; Grimaldi, Salvatore 
72014Surface water velocity observations from a cameraTauro, F.; Olivierig.; Petrosellia.; Porfirim.; Grimaldi, Salvatore 
82016Surface flow measurements from dronesTauro, Flavia ; Porfiri, M.; Grimaldi, Salvatore 
92012Studio preliminare di un tracciante con particelle fluorescenti per le misure di velocit superficialiGrimaldi, Salvatore ; Tauro, F.; Porfiri, M.; Petroselli, A.; Mocio, G.; Capocci, I.; Cipollari, G.; Rapiti, R.
102012Statistical HydrologyGrimaldi, Salvatore 
112015A software package for predicting design-flood hydrographs in small and ungauged basinsPiscopia, R.; Petroselli, Andrea ; Grimaldi, Salvatore 
122015River surface flow estimation using a cameraTauro, R.; Porfiri, M.; Petroselli, A.; Olivieri, G.; Rapiti, R.; Cipollari, G.; Grimaldi, Salvatore 
132015Rainfall observations using a rain gauge of 100 m2Grimaldi, Salvatore ; Petroselli, Andrea ; Rapiti, R.; Cipollari, G.; Ciorba, P. V.; Ciorba Pv
142012A parsimonious geomorphological unit hydrograph for rainfall runoff modeling in small ungauged basinsGrimaldi, Salvatore ; Petroselli, A.; Nardi, F.
152013Panta Rhei Everything FlowsMontanari, A.; Grimaldi, Salvatore ; Blschl, G.; Sivapalan, M.; Beven, K.; Gupta, H.; Hipsey, M.; Schaefli, B.; Arheimer, B.; Boegh, E.; Schymanski, S. J.; Young, G.; Di Baldassarre, G.; Yu, B.; Hubert, P.; Huang, Y.; Schumann, A.; Post, D.; Srinivasan, V.; Harmana, C.; Thompson, S.; Rogger, M.; Savenije, H. H. G.; Viglione, A.; Mcmillan, H.; Characklis, G.; Pang, Z.; Belyaev, V.; Hughes, D.; Wagener, T.; Ren, L. L.; Koutsoyiannis, D.; Cudennec, C.; Toth, E.
162014Orienting the camera and firing lasers to enhance large scale particle image velocimetry for streamflow monitoringTauro; F.; Porfiri, M.; Grimaldi, Salvatore 
172015One hundred years of return periodVolpi, E.; Fiori, A.; Grimaldi, Salvatore ; Lombardo, F.; Koutsoyiannis, D.
182016A novel permanent gauge-cam station for surface-flow observations on the Tiber RiverTauro, F.; Petroselli, A.; Porfiri, M.; Giandomenico, L.; Bernardi, G.; Mele, F.; Spina, D.; Grimaldi, Salvatore 
192013Multivariate return periods in hydrologyGrler, B.; Van Den Berg, M. J.; Vandenberghe, S.; Petroselli, A.; Grimaldi, Salvatore ; De Baets, B.; Verhoest, N. E. C.
202016Multifactor empirical mapping of the protective function of forests against landslide occurrenceCimini, D.; Portoghesi, Luigi ; Madonna, Sergio ; Grimaldi, Salvatore ; Corona, Piermaria ; Permaria, C.