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Gianfreda, Giuseppina
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12017Vertical IntegrationGianfreda, Giuseppina 
22012Regole, sospensione delle regole e aspettativeGianfreda, Giuseppina ; Janson, N.
32012MARKET ACCESS, ORGANIC FARMING AND PRODUCTIVITYBecchetti, L.; Conzo, P.; Gianfreda, Giuseppina 
42015Labour Courts delays and the composition of employmentGianfreda, Giuseppina ; Vallanti, G.
52016La giustizia lentaGianfreda, Giuseppina 
62017L'individuazione dei costi delle imprese multi-prodottoGianfreda, Giuseppina 
72017Institutions and firms' adjustments: measuring the impact of courts' delays on job flows and productivityGianfreda, Giuseppina ; Vallanti, G.
82017Informality and productivityGianfreda, Giuseppina ; Vallanti, G.
92012Human resource management and productivity in the trust game corporationGianfreda, Giuseppina ; Becchetti, L.; Pace, N.
102016Free BankingGianfreda, Giuseppina 
112016Durata dei processi, disciplina del lavoro e performance dellimpresaGianfreda, Giuseppina ; Vallanti, G.
122013Courts Inefficiency and Irregular WorkersGianfreda, Giuseppina ; Vallanti, G.
132015Adverse Clearings in a Monetary System with Multiple Notes IssuersGianfreda, Giuseppina ; Mattesini, M.
142012The Acceptability of Money with Multiple Notes IssuersGianfreda, Giuseppina ; Mattesini; Fabrizio