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Guglielmino, Adalgisa
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12011Zur Zikadenfauna (Auchenorrhyncha) im Umland von Fliegewssern und Quellen am Hohen Trauchberg, Ostallgu/Bayerische AlpenBckle, C.; Guglielmino, Adalgisa 
22013An updated host-parasite catalogue of world Dryinidae (HymenopteraGuglielmino, Adalgisa ; Olmi, M.; Bckle, C.
32019An updated checklist of the extant Western Palaearctic Dryininae (Hymenoptera, Dryinidae)Guglielmino, Adalgisa ; Olmi, M.; Liu, J.; Contarini, Mario 
42015An updated checklist of Dryinidae, Embolemidae and Sclerogibbidae (Hymenoptera) of Kenya and Burundi, with descriptions of thirteen new speciesOlmi, M.; Copeland, R.; Guglielmino, Adalgisa 
52021Two new species of the genus Doratura Sahlberg (Hemiptera: Cicadellidae: Deltocephalinae) from the Mediterranean RegionGuglielmino, Adalgisa ; B├╝ckle, Christoph
62016Two new species of Gonatopus Ljungh from Ecuador (HymenopteraOlmi, M.; Guglielmino, Adalgisa 
72017Study on flora and Auchenorrhyncha biocenoses (Insecta Hemiptera) in moist areas considered restricted relics of the ancient Lacus Velinus in the provinces of Terni and Rieti (Umbria and Latium, Italy)Guglielmino, Adalgisa ; Scarici, E.; De Santis, A.; Bckle, C.
82012Studio sulla Auchenorrincofauna della Riserva Naturale Monte Casoli, Bomarzo (Lazio, Viterbo) (HemipteraProietti, F.; Guglielmino, Adalgisa 
92016Revision of the genus Neodryinus Perkins, 1905 (HymenopteraGuglielmino, Adalgisa ; Olmi, M.
102022Revision of the genus Doratura Sahlberg (Hemiptera, Cicadellidae, Deltocephalinae) with particular regard to its distribution in Italy and description of four new speciesBueckle, Christoph; Guglielmino, Adalgisa 
112013Revision of the extant Nearctic species of Dryinus Latreille 1804 group 1 (HymenopteraGuglielmino, Adalgisa ; Olmi, M.
122014Revision of the Embolemidae of Russia and Ukraine (HymenopteraOlmi, M.; Belokobylskij, S.; Guglielmino, Adalgisa 
132014Revision of the Embolemidae of Japan (Hymenoptera, Chrysidoidea), with description of a new genus and two new speciesOlmi, M.; Mita, T.; Guglielmino, Adalgisa 
142016Revision of the Dicranotropis hamata group (Auchenorrhyncha, Delphacidae) and remarks on the implication of chiral dimorphism in its historyGuglielmino, Adalgisa ; Durso, V.; Bckle, C.
152014Revision of the Australian species of Gonatopus group 5 (HymenopteraOlmi, M.; Marletta, A.; Guglielmino, Adalgisa 
162014Revision of the Afrotropical species of Gonatopus group 3 (HymenopteraGuglielmino, Adalgisa ; Olmi, M.
172015Revision of the Afrotropical species of Deinodryinus Perkins 1907, with description of a new species from Madagascar (HymenopteraGuglielmino, Adalgisa ; Olmi, M.
182010Revision of rock fossils of Dryinidae and Embolemidae (HymenopteraOlmi, M.; Rasnitsyn, A. P.; Guglielmino, Adalgisa 
192010Revision of Nearctic species of Lonchodryinus Kieffer 1905, with description of a new species from New Mexico(Hymenoptera Dryinidae)Olmi, M.; Guglielmino, Adalgisa 
202010Revision of Nearctic species of Esagonatopus, with description of a new species from Florida (Hymenoptera, Dryinidae)Olmi, M.; Guglielmino, Adalgisa