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Fanelli, P.
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12015Trattamento per incrementare le propriet smorzanti di schiume metalliche a celle aperteMarotta, E.; Salvini, S.; Trotta, A.; Vivio, F.; Fanelli, Pierluigi 
22020Tailored tungsten lattice structures for plasma-facing components in magnetic confinement fusion devicesv. Müller, Alexander; Binder, Maximilian; Calabrò, Giuseppe ; De Luca, Riccardo; Fanelli, Pierluigi ; Neu, Rudolf; Schlick, Georg; Vivio, Francesco; You, Jeong-Ha
32017Structural health monitoring of cylindrical bodies under impulsive hydrodynamic loading by distributed FBG strain measurementsFanelli, Pierluigi ; Biscarini, C.; Jannelli, E.; Ubertini, F.; Ubertini, Stefano 
42018Structural analysis of transversally loaded quasi isotropic rectilinear orthotropic composite circular plates with Galerkin methodBelardi , V. G.; Fanelli, Pierluigi ; Vivio, F.
52018Structural analysis and optimization of anisogrid composite lattice cylindrical shellsBelardi , V. G.; Fanelli, Pierluigi ; Vivio, F.
62020Preliminary design and thermal analyses of the steerable mirror cooling channel of the DTT ECRHSalvitti, A.; Bruschi, A.; Busi, D.; Fanale, F.; Giorgetti, F.; Granucci, G.; Calabrò, Giuseppe ; Fanelli, Pierluigi ; Nobili, M.
72021Preliminary analysis of alternative divertors for DEMOMilitello, F.; Aho-Mantila, L.; Ambrosino, R.; Body, T.; Bufferand, H.; Calabrò, G. ; Ciraolo, G.; Coster, D.; Di Gironimo, G.; Fanelli, P. ; Fedorczak, N.; Herrmann, A.; Innocente, P.; Kembleton, R.; Lilburne, J.; Lunt, T.; Marzullo, D.; Merriman, S.; Moulton, D.; Nielsen, A.H.; Omotani, J.; Ramogida, G.; Reimerdes, H.; Reinhart, M.; Ricci, P.; Riva, F.; Stegmeir, A.; Subba, F.; Suttrop, W.; Tamain, P.; Teschke, M.; Thrysoe, A.; Treutterer, W.; Varoutis, S.; Wensing, M.; Wilde, A.; Wischmeier, M.; Xiang, L.Y.
82020Parametric design study of a substrate material for a DEMO sacrificial limiterde Luca, R.; Fanelli, Pierluigi ; Mingozzi, S.; Calabrò, Giuseppe ; Vivio, F.; Maviglia, F.; You, J. H.
92015Modelling spot welded joints in elastic-plastic fieldFanelli, Pierluigi ; Vivio, F.
102017Modelling and characterization of structural behaviour of Al open-cell foamsFanelli, Pierluigi ; Evangelisti, A.; Salvini, P.; Vivio, F.
112016Modellazione parametrica ed ottimizzazione strutturale di strutture anisogrid a guscio in compositoBelardi , V. G.; Fanelli, Pierluigi ; Vivio, F.; Perugini, P.; Zallo, A.
122018Live crack damage detection with local strain measurement on solid bodies subjected to hydrodynamic loadingFanelli, Pierluigi ; Facci, Andrea Luigi ; Jannelli, E.
132015Influence of non-axisymmetric material anisotropy on FSSW static strengthFanelli, Pierluigi ; Vivio, F.
142014Influence of Joint Geometry on Micro and Macro Mechanical Properties of Friction Stir Spot Welded JointsBuffa, G.; Fanelli, Pierluigi ; Fratini, L.; Vivio, F.
152018Heat treatment of AA 6082 T6 aluminum alloy coated with thin Al2O3 layer by fluidized bedRubino, G.; Trovalusci, F.; Barletta, M.; Fanelli, Pierluigi 
162015A general formulation of an analytical model for the elastic-plastic behaviour of a spot weld finite elementFanelli, Pierluigi ; Vivio, F.
172017Fatigue reliability evaluation of riveted lap joints using a new rivet element and DFRDi Cicco, F.; Fanelli, Pierluigi ; Vivio, F.
182018Experimental characterization and numerical simulation of riveted lap-shear joints using Rivet ElementVivio, F.; Fanelli, Pierluigi ; Ferracci, M.
192012Experimental and numerical characterization of Friction stir spot welded jointsFanelli, Pierluigi ; Vivio, F.; Vullo, V.
202021Effect of strain measurement layout on damage detection and localization in a free falling compliant cylinder impacting a water surfaceMercuri, Alessandro; Fanelli, Pierluigi ; Ubertini, Stefano ; Falcucci, Giacomo; Jannelli, Elio; Biscarini, Chiara