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Fenice, Massimiliano
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12020Vibrio communities along a salinity gradient within a marine salterns hypersaline environment (Saline di Tarquinia, Italy)Gorrasi, S. ; Pasqualetti, Marcella ; Franzetti, A.; Pittino, F.; Fenice Massimiliano 
22023Uncovering the prokaryotic diversity of the bathyal waters above the Kuril–Kamchatka TrenchGorrasi, Susanna ; Brandt. Angelika; Pittino. Francesca; Franzetti, Andrea; Pasqualetti, Marcella ; Muñoz-Palazon, Barbara; Novello, Giorgia; Fenice, Massimiliano 
32023Treatment of High-Polyphenol-Content Waters Using Biotechnological Approaches: The Latest UpdateMuñoz-Palazon, Barbara; Gorrasi, Susanna ; Rosa-Masegosa, Aurora; Pasqualetti, Marcella ; Braconcini, Martina; Fenice, Massimiliano 
42012Temperature preferences of bacteria isolated from sea water collected in Kandalaksha Bay, White Sea, RussiaPesciaroli, C.; Cupini, F.; Selbmann, Laura ; Barghini, P.; Fenice, Massimiliano 
52015STUDY OF THE BACTERIAL DIVERSITY OF THE PRODUCTIVE MARINE SALTERNS SALINE DI TRAPANI-PACECO, TRAPANI, ITALYBarghini, P.; Aquilanti, A.; Silvi, S.; Gorrasi, S. ; Juarez-jimenez, B.; Cordova-salas, K.; Fenice, Massimiliano 
62016Study of the bacterial diversity of sea water samples from Ross Sea, AntarcticaSilvi, S.; Barghini, P.; Gorrasi, S. ; Selbmann, Laura ; Fenice, Massimiliano 
72015STUDY OF THE BACTERIAL BIODIVERSITY OF SEA WATER SAMPLES FROM ROSS SEA, ANTARCTICASilvi, S.; Barghini, P.; Gorrasi, S.; Selbmann, L.; Fenice, Massimiliano 
82016Studi preliminari sulla biodiversit di funghi marini isolati nellarea costiera dellisola del GiglioPasqualetti, Marcella ; Paoletti, M.; Fenice, Massimiliano ; Tempesta, S.
92014Studi preliminari sulla biodiversit dei funghi marini isolati nellarea costiera dellIsola del GiglioFenice, Massimiliano ; Pasqualetti, Marcella ; Paoletti, M.; Tempesta, S.
102019Structure and diversity of the bacterial community of an Arctic estuarine system (Kandalaksha Bay) subject to intense tidal currentsGorrasi, S. ; Pesciaroli, C.; Barghini, Paolo ; Pasqualetti, Marcella ; Fenice Massimiliano 
112015!st International Conference on ecology and protection of marine and freshwater environments, proceeding bookFenice, Massimiliano ; Vosniakos, F.
122014Special issueColantoni, Andrea ; Monarca, D.; Cecchini, M.; Fenice, Massimiliano 
132021Spatio-temporal Variation of the Bacterial Communities Along a Salinity Gradient within a Thalassohaline Environment (Saline di Tarquinia salterns, ItalyGorrasi S. ; Franzetti A.; Ambrosini R.; Pittino F.; Pasqualetti, Marcella ; Fenice, Massimiliano 
142016Self-fermentationSignorini, A.; Lembo, G.; Massini, G.; Pizzichini, D.; Fenice, Massimiliano 
152020Respirometric method for kinetic modeling of ammonium-oxidizing and nitrite-oxidizing bacteria in a membrane bioreactorLeyva-diaz, J. C.; Munio, M. M.; Fenice Massimiliano ; And Poyatos, J. M.
162015Relationship between phylogenetic and nutritional diversity in Arctic (Kandalaksha Bay) seawater planktonic bacteriaPesciaroli, C.; Barghini, Paolo ; Cerfolli, F.; Bellisario, B.; Fenice, Massimiliano 
172024Rambellisea gigliensis and Rambellisea halocynthiae, gen. et spp. nov. (Lulworthiaceae) from the Marine Tunicate Halocynthia papillosaBraconcini, Martina; Gorrasi, Susanna ; Fenice, Massimiliano ; Barghini, Paolo ; Pasqualetti, Marcella 
182016The psychrotolerant Antarctic fungus Lecanicillium muscarium CCFEE 5003Fenice, Massimiliano 
192020Production and identification of two antifungal terpenoids from the Posidonia oceanica epiphytic Ascomycota Mariannaea humicola IG100botta, lorenzo ; Saladino, Raffaele ; Barghini, Paolo ; Fenice, Massimiliano ; Pasqualetti, Marcella 
202020Production and identification of two antifungal terpenoids from the Posidonia oceanica epiphytic Ascomycota Mariannaea humicola IG100botta, lorenzo ; Saladino, Raffaele ; Barghini, Paolo ; Fenice Massimiliano ; Pasqualetti, Marcella