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Fidaleo, Marcello
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12013Analysis of the Electrodialytic Recovery of Trisodium CitrateFidaleo, Marcello ; Mauro Moresi; Marcello Fidaleo; Moresi, Mauro 
22016Application of a novel definitive screening design to decolorization of an azo dye on boron-doped diamond electrodesFidaleo, Marcello ; Roberto Lavecchia; Elisabetta Petrucci; Antonio Zuorro
32010Application of the Nernst-Planck approach to model the electrodialytic recovery of disodium itaconateFidaleo, Marcello ; Mauro Moresi
42016Assessing the Potential Content of Ethyl Carbamate in White, Red, and Ros Wines as a Key Factor for Pursuing Urea Degradation by Purified Acid UreaseCerreti; Moresi; Cerreti, M.; Fidaleo, Marcello ; Benucci, I.; Liburdi, Katia ; Tamborra, P.; Moresi, M.; M.; Benucci; I.; Liburdi; K.; Tamborra; P.
52013Assessment of Diffusion Limitations on the Performance of Immobilised Acid Urease DerivativesNadia Bortone; Fidaleo, Marcello ; Mauro Moresi; Marcello Fidaleo; Moresi, Mauro 
62016Assessment of the energy needs for the arsenic remediation of drinking water by electrodialysisFidaleo, Marcello ; Stazi, Silvia Rita ; Vinciguerra, Vittorio ; Cellucci, P.; Marabottini, R.; Silvia Rita Stazi; Vittorio Vinciguerra; Paolo Cellucci; Rosita Marabottini; Mauro, Moresi.; Marcello Fidaleo; Moresi, Mauro 
72006Assessment of the main engineering parameters controlling the electrodialytic recovery of sodium propionate from aqueous solutionsFidaleo, Marcello ; Moresi, M.
82006Assessment of Urea Degradation Rate in Model Wine Solutions by Acid Urease from Lactobacillus fermentumFidaleo, Marcello ; Esti, Marco ; Moresi, M.; Marco Esti; Mauro Moresi
92013Concentration of trisodium citrate by electrodialysisFidaleo, Marcello ; Mauro Moresi; Marcello Fidaleo; Moresi, Mauro 
102014Degradation and antibiotic activity reduction of chloramphenicol in aqueous solution by UV/H2O2 processAntonio Zuorro; Marco Fidaleo; Fidaleo, Marcello ; Roberto Lavecchia
112017Effect of refining degree on particle size, sensory and rheological characteristics of anhydrous paste for ice creams produced in industrial stirred ball millFidaleo, Marcello ; Miele Nicoletta, A.; Mainardi Stefania; Armini Vincenzo; Nardi Roberto; Cavella Silvana
122011Electrodialytic desalting of model concentrated NaCl brines as such or enriched with a non-electrolyte osmotic componentFidaleo, Marcello ; Moresi, Mauro 
132011Engineering and modeling of thin, adhesive, microbial biocatalytic coatings for high intensity oxidations in multi-phase microchannel bioreactorsFidaleo, Marcello ; Michael Flickinger, C.
142001Enzymatic extraction of carotenoids from plant material using two immiscible liquid phasesFidaleo, Marcello ; Enrico Marsili; Roberto Lavecchia
152011Enzyme-assisted extraction of lycopene from tomato processing wasteAntonio Zuorro; Fidaleo, Marcello ; Roberto Lavecchia
162016Extraction of Bioactive Polyphenols with High Antioxidant Activity from Bilberry (Vacciniummyrtillus L.) Processing WasteFidaleo, Marcello ; Roberto Lavecchia; Antonio Zuorro
172015Fungal laccases production using tomato-based mediumSpina Federica; Fidaleo, Marcello ; Nanni Annalisa; Romagnolo Alice; Varese Giovanna Cristina
182012Immobilisation/stabilisation of Acid Urease on Eupergit SupportsNadia Bortone; Fidaleo, Marcello ; Mauro Moresi
192015Immobilization of the recombinant (His)6-tagged L-arabinose isomerase from Thermotoga maritima on epoxy and cupper-chelate epoxy supportsNadia Bortone; Fidaleo, Marcello 
202014Ink-Jet Printing of Gluconobacter oxydansFidaleo, Marcello ; Nadia Bortone; Mark Schulte; Michael Flickinger, C.