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Fochetti, Romolo
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
120072010 TARGETFontaine, B.; Fochetti, Romolo 
22006Artificial substrate colonization by invertebrates in two high altitude alpine streamsLencioni, V.; Maiolini, B.; Fochetti, Romolo ; Grasso, M.; Boscaini, A.; Dumnicka, E.
31994Biochemical systematics and biogeographical patterns of the Italian and corsican species of the Protonemura corsicana species group (PlecopteraFochetti, Romolo 
42004Biochemical systematics and biogeography of the Mediterranean genus TyrrhenoleuctraFochetti, Romolo ; Ketmaier, V.; Oliverio, M.; Tierno De Figueroa, J. M.; Sezzi, E.
52006CLONING AND STRUCTURAL ANALYSIS OF A HAEMOCYANIN FROM THE STONEFLY PERLA GRANDISFochetti, Romolo ; Belardinelli, M.; Guerra, L.; Buonocore, F.; Fausto Caporale, A. M. C.
62011Comparative proteomic analysis of hemocyanins in the stonefliesAmore, V.; Puig Garca, M. A.; Timperio, A. M.; Egidi, G.; Ubero-pascal, N.; Fochetti, Romolo 
72001Comparative spermatology in Plecoptera (Insecta)Fausto, A.; Belardinelli, C.; Fochetti, Romolo ; Mazzini, M.
82002Comparative spermatology in Plecoptera. II. An ultrastructural investigation on four species of SystellognathaFausto , A. M.; Belardinelli, M.; Fochetti, Romolo ; Tierno De Figueroa , J. M.; Mazzini, M.
92013Dalle conoscenze di base agli studi applicativiFochetti, Romolo 
102001Description of Protonemura aroania sp. n. and of the Male of Leuctra moreae Zwick, 1978, with a contribution to the knowledge of the stonefly fauna of Greece (Insecta, Plecoptera)Tierno De Figueroa, J.; Fochetti, Romolo 
111992Designation of a Type Species for Brachyptera Newport, 1851 (PlecopteraFochetti, Romolo ; Zwick, P.
122012Diversity patterns and food web structure in a mediterranean intermittent streamLpez-rodrguez, M. J.; Peralta-maraver, I.; Gaetani, B.; Sainz-cantero, C. E.; Fochetti, Romolo ; Tierno De Figueroa, J. M.
132009DO ALL STONEFLIES NYMPHS HAVE RESPIRATORY PROTEINS?Amore, V.; Belardinelli, M.; Guerra, L.; Buonocore, F.; Fausto, A. M.; Fochetti, Romolo 
142020Endemism in the Italian stonefly-fauna (Insecta, Plecoptera)Fochetti, Romolo 
152020Endemism in the Italian stonefly-fauna (Plecoptera)Fochetti, Romolo 
162020Endemism in the Italian stonefly-fauna (Plecoptera)Fochetti, Romolo 
172014Fauna EuropaeaFochetti, Romolo ; Tierno De Figueroa De Jong, J. M. . Y.
182008Feeding ecology of various age-classes of brown trout in River nera, Central ItalyFochetti, Romolo ; Argano, R.; Tierno De Figueroa , J. M.
192007First record of the genus Capnioneura for GreeceTierno De Figuera, J. M.; Fochetti, Romolo 
202021First report of Culicoides biting midges (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae) attacking people in Italy, with the description of extreme larval breeding sites and diurnal activity of Culicoides riethi.Federico Romiti; Fochetti, Romolo ; Adele Magliano; Vinciguerra, Vittorio ; Arianna Ermenegildi; Claudio De Liberato