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Facci, Andrea Luigi
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12009Una nuova metodologia per la simulazione numerica delliniezione di gas naturaleAndreassi, L.; Facci, Andrea Luigi ; Ubertini, S.
22015Trigenerative micro compressed air energy storageFacci, Andrea Luigi ; Snchez David; Jannelli Elio; Ubertini, Stefano ; Sanchez, D.; Jannelli, E.
32016Three-dimensional water entry of a solid bodyFacci, Andrea Luigi ; Porfiri Maurizio; Ubertini, Stefano ; Porfiri, M.
42010Three-Dimensional Simulation of Gaseous Fuel Injection Through a Hybrid ApproachAndreassi, L.; Facci, Andrea Luigi ; Ubertini, Stefano 
52014Three dimensional numerical simulation of water entry problemFacci, Andrea Luigi ; Reggio, M.; Ubertini, S. 
62022Techno-economic analysis of battery electricity storage towards self-sufficient buildingsRosati, Alessandro; Facci Andrea Luigi ; Ubertini, Stefano 
72016Technical and economic assessment of a SOFC-based energy system for combined cooling, heating and powerFacci, Andrea Luigi ; Cigolotti Viviana; Jannelli Elio; Ubertini, Stefano ; Cigolotti, V.; Jannelli, E.
82016Strongly coupled partitioned approach for fluid structure interaction in free surface flowsFacci, Andrea Luigi ; Ubertini Stefano 
92011SOFC Management in Distributed Energy SystemsChiappini Daniele; Facci, Andrea Luigi ; Tribioli Laura; Ubertini, Stefano ; Chiappini, D.; Tribioli, L.
102019Smart integration of photovoltaic production, heat pump and thermal energy storage in residential applicationsFacci, Andrea Luigi ; Krastev Vesselin, K.; Falcucci, Giacomo; Ubertini, Stefano
112010Simulazione multidimensional delliniezione di combustibili allo stato gassosoAndreassi, L.; Facci, Andrea Luigi ; Krastev, V.; Ubertini, S.
122015Proton exchange membrane fuel cell for cooperating householdsCappa Francesco; Facci, Andrea Luigi ; Ubertini, Stefano 
132021PIV measurements over a double bladed Darrieus-type vertical axis wind turbine: A validation benchmarkArpino, F. ; Cortellessa, G.; Scungio, M ; Fresilli, G.; Facci, A; Frattolillo, A.
142017Performance Evaluation of Microbial Fuel Cells Fed by Solid Organic WasteNastro , R. A.; Jannelli, N.; Minutillo, M.; Guida, M.; Trifuoggi, M.; Andreassi, L.; Facci, Andrea Luigi ; Krastev , V. K.; Falcucci, G.
152021Optimized modeling and design of a pcm-enhanced h<inf>2</inf> storageFacci, Andrea Luigi ; Lauricella, Marco; Succi, Sauro; Villani, Vittorio; Falcucci, Giacomo
162013Optimization strategies for micro-chp systems based on ht-pem fuel cellsFalcucci Giacomo; Facci, Andrea Luigi ; Jannelli Elio; Falcucci, G.; Jannelli, E.; Ubertini, S.
172013Optimization of chcp operation strategyFacci, Andrea Luigi ; Andreassi, L.; Martini, F.; Ubertini, S. 
182014Optimization of CHCP (combined heat power and cooling) systems operation strategy using dynamic programmingFacci, Andrea Luigi ; Andreassi Luca; Ubertini, Stefano ; Andreassi, L.
192010Numerical simulation of gaseous fuel injectionAndreassi Luca; Facci, Andrea Luigi ; Ubertini, Stefano ; Andreassi, L.
202019Numerical modeling of an automotive derivative polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell cogeneration system with selective membranesLoreti, Gabriele ; Facci, Andrea Luigi ; Peters, Thijs; Ubertini, Stefano