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Ficca, Anna Grazia
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12012Wheat Subtilisin/Chymotrypsin Inhibitor (WSCI) as a scaffold for novel serine protease inhibitors with a given specificityTedeschi, F.; Ficca , A. G.; Di Maro, A.; Facchiano, A.; Costantini, S.; Chambery, A.; Bruni, N.; Capuzzi, V.; Ficca, Anna Grazia ; Poerio, Elia 
22020Metabolites Secreted by a Plant-Growth-Promoting Pantoea agglomerans Strain Improved Rooting of Pyrus communis L. cv Dar Gazi CuttingsLuziatelli, Francesca ; Gatti, Lorenzo; Ficca, Anna Grazia ; Medori, Gabriele; Silvestri, Cristian ; Melini, Francesca; Muleo, Rosario ; Ruzzi, Maurizio 
32019Maximizing the Efficiency of Vanillin Production by Biocatalyst Enhancement and Process OptimizationLuziatelli, Francesca ; Brunetti, Lorenza; Ficca, Anna Grazia ; Ruzzi, Maurizio 
42020Growth-promoting bacteria and arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi differentially benefit tomato and corn depending upon the supplied form of phosphorusSaia, Sergio; Aissa, Echrak; Luziatelli, Francesca ; Ruzzi, Maurizio ; Colla, Giuseppe ; Ficca, Anna Grazia ; Cardarelli, Mariateresa; Rouphael, Youssef
52020Genome Sequencing of Pantoea agglomerans C1 Provides Insights into Molecular and Genetic Mechanisms of Plant Growth-Promotion and Tolerance to Heavy MetalsLuziatelli, Francesca ; Ficca, Anna Grazia ; Cardarelli, Mariateresa; Melini, Francesca; Cavalieri, Andrea; Ruzzi, Maurizio 
62012Enhanced cytotoxic activity of a bifunctional chimeric protein containing a type 1 ribosome-inactivating protein and a serine protease inhibitorTamburino, R.; Pizzo, E.; Sarcinelli, C.; Poerio, Elia ; Tedeschi, F.; Ficca, Anna Grazia ; Parente, A.; Di Maro, A.; Ficca , A. G.
72015Effects of fertilizers enriched with plant based extracts on plant growth and epiphytic bacterial population of lettuceLuziatelli, Francesca ; Colla, G.; Ficca, Anna Grazia ; Svecova, E.; Ruzzi, Maurizio 
82015Effect of plant-derived biostimulants on the epiphytic bacterial population of lettuceFicca, Anna Grazia ; Luziatelli, Francesca ; Colla, G.; Svecova, E.; Ruzzi, Maurizio 
92015Biotechnological conversion of organic wastes in biostimulants for horticultureLuziatelli, Francesca ; Ficca, Anna Grazia ; Colla, G.; Aissa, E.; Ruzzi, Maurizio 
102016Application of plant-derived protein hydrolysate Trainer stimulates the growth of Bacillus with antagonistic activity against phytopathogenic bacteria and fungiFicca, Anna Grazia ; Luziatelli, F.; Colla, G.; Ruzzi, M.
112020A Genetic and Metabolomic Perspective on the Production of Indole-3-Acetic Acid by Pantoea agglomerans and Use of Their Metabolites as Biostimulants in Plant NurseriesLuziatelli, Francesca ; Ficca, Anna Grazia ; Bonini, Paolo; Muleo, Rosario ; Gatti, Lorenzo; Meneghini, Massimiliano; Tronati, Michele; Melini, Francesca; Ruzzi, Maurizio