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De Santis, Diana
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12016Agronomic performance and beer quality assessment of twenty hop cultivars grown in Central ItalyFrancesco Rossini; Paolo Loreti; Maria Elena Provenzano; De Santis, Diana ; Roberto Ruggeri; Loreti, P.; Provenzano Me
22017Biochemical Markers for Enological Potentiality in a Grapevine Aromatic Variety under Different Soil TypesDe Santis, Diana ; Maria Teresa Frangipane; Elena Brunori; Pasquale Cirigliano; Rita Biasi
32017Control of environmental parameters in postharvest partial dehydration of wine grapes reduces water stressBellincontro, Andrea ; Prosperi, P.; De Santis, Diana ; Botondi, Rinaldo ; Mencarelli, F.; Andrea Bellincontro; Paolo Prosperi; Rinaldo Botondi; Fabio Mencarelli
42012Effect of drying process in chamber at controlled temperature on the grape phenolic compoundsFrangipane, M. T.; Torresi, S.; De Santis, Diana ; Massantini, Riccardo ; Frangipane , M. T.
52017Evaluation of chemical composition and sensory profile in Jerusalem artichoke (Helianthus tuberosus L) tubersDe Santis, Diana ; Maria Teresa Frangipane
62015Sensory perceptions of virgin olive oil:new panel evaluation method and the chemical compounds responsibleDe Santis, Diana ; Frangipane , M. T.
72012Temperature and water loss affect ADH activity and gene expression in grape berry during postharvest dehydrationCirilli, M.; Desantis, D.; Bellincontro, Andrea ; De Santis, Diana ; Botondi, Rinaldo ; Colao Mc; Muleo, Rosario ; Mencarelli, Fabio ; Colao, M. C.; Colao , M. C.