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Danieli, Pierpaolo
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12015Analysis of Quality-Related Parameters in Mature Kernels of Polygalacturonase Inhibiting Protein (PGIP) Transgenic Bread Wheat Infected with Fusarium graminearumMasci, S.; Dovidio, R.; Danieli, Pierpaolo ; Lilley Ks; Dovidio R2015; Laino, P.; Janni, M.; Botticella, E.; Di Carli, M.; Benvenuto, E.; Danieli , P. P.; Lilley , K. S.; Lafiandra, Domenico 
22012Cadmium, lead, and chromium in large gameDanieli , P. P.; Ponzetta Mp; Serrani, F. F.; Primi, P.; Ponzetta , M. P.; Ronchi, B.; Amici, A.; Danieli, Pierpaolo ; Serrani, F.; Primi, Riccardo 
32012Concentrations of some toxic and trace elements in wild boar (Sus scrofa) organs and tissues in different areas of the Province of Viterbo (Central Italy)Amici, Andrea ; Danieli, Pierpaolo ; Russo, C.; Primi, R.; Ronchi, B.; Danieli , P. P.
42015Dendrochemical investigation on hexachlorocyclohexane isomers (HCHs) in poplars by an integrated study of micro-fourier transform infrared spectroscopy and gas chromatographyBernini, R.; Danieli, Pierpaolo ; Bernini; R.; Pelosi; C.; Carastro; I.; Venanzi; Di Filippo, Alfredo ; A.; Pelosi, C.; Ronchi; B.; Danieli; P. P.; Carastro, I.; Venanzi, R.; Piovesan, Gianluca ; Ronchi, Bruno ; Danieli , P. P.; Pelosi, P.
52017Effects of seeding date and seeding rate on yield, proximate composition and total tannins content of two Kabuli chickpea cultivarsPrimi, Riccardo ; Danieli , P. P.; Ronchi, Bruno ; Danieli, Pierpaolo 
62016Il sorgo nellalimentazione animalePrimi, Riccardo ; Danieli , P. P.; Ronchi, Bruno ; Danieli, Pierpaolo 
72014In vitro effects of the organochlorine pesticide -hexachlorocyclohexane on bovine peripheral blood mononuclear cellsRossi, C.; Danieli , P. P.; Ronchi, Bruno ; Danieli, Pierpaolo 
82017Stable isotopes in tissues discriminate the diet of free-living wild boar from different areas of central ItalyRusso, G.; Danieli, Pierpaolo ; Primi, Riccardo ; Amici, Andrea ; Lauteri, M.; Danieli , P. P.
92014An update on the safety of foods of animal origin and feedsPulina, G.; Battacone, G.; Brambilla, G.; Cheli, F.; Danieli , P. P.; Masoero, F.; Pietri, A.; Ronchi, Bruno ; Danieli, Pierpaolo