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Di Filippo, Alfredo
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12021Warmer springs have increased the frequency and extension of late-frost defoliations in southern European beech forestsSangüesa-Barreda, Gabriel; Di Filippo, Alfredo ; Piovesan, Gianluca ; Rozas, Vicente; Di Fiore, Luca; García-Hidalgo, Miguel; García-Cervigón, Ana I; Muñoz-Garachana, Diego; Baliva, Michele; Olano, José M
22017Tree-ring based metrics for assessing old-growth forest naturalnessDi Filippo, Alfredo ; Biondi, F.; Piovesan, G.; Ziaco, E.
32017Tree-ring based functional traits develop coherently with stand structural complexity in a network of old-growth European beech forestsDi Filippo, Alfredo ; Baliva, M.; Presutti Saba, E.; Piovesan, G.
42015Tree ring ecological signal is consistent with floristic composition and plant indicator values in Mediterranean Fagus sylvatica forestsFilibeck, G.; Adams, J.; Brunetti, M.; Di Filippo, Alfredo ; Rosati, L.; Scoppola, Anna ; Piovesan, Gianluca 
52014TRACE 2013 in Viterbo (Italy) First TRACE south of the Alps!Di Filippo, Alfredo 
62014TRACE - Tree Rings in Archaeology, Climatology and EcologyDi Filippo, Alfredo ; Piovesan, G.; Romagnoli, M.; Helle, G.; Grtner; H.
72016Structure and function of intraannual density fluctuationsBattipaglia, G.; Ufar, K.; Di Filippo, Alfredo ; Garca-gonzlez, I.; Koprowski, M.; Klisz, M.; Kirdyanov Av; Zafirov, N.; De Luis, M.; Campelo, F.; Vieira, J.; Grabner, M.; De Micco, V.; Nabais, C.; Cherubini, P.; Carrer, M.; Bruning, A.
82012South European mountain beech forest region. ItalyPiovesan, G.; Biondi, F.; Di Filippo, Alfredo ; Schirone, B.; Ziaco, E.; Pedrotti, F.
92013Preliminary results of micro-FTIR analysis to detect traces of organic contaminants in poplar (Populus nigra) tree rings from the Sacco river valley (Lazio Region, Italy)Pelosi, C.; Venanzi, R.; Ronchi, B.; Danieli, P.; Di Filippo, Alfredo ; Ziaco, E.; Piovesan, Gianluca 
102013Plasticity in Dendroclimatic Response across the Distribution Range of Aleppo Pine (Pinus halepensis)De Luis, M.; Smith Kt; Martin De Luis; Katarina Ƒåufar; Alfredo Di Filippo; Klemen Novak; Andreas Papadopoulos; Cyrille Rathgeber, B. K.; José Raventós; Miguel Angel Saz; Kevin Smith, T.; Ufar, K.; Di Filippo, Alfredo ; Novak, K.; Papadopoulos, A.; Piovesan, Gianluca ; Rathgeber Cbk; Ravents, J.; Saz Ma
112012Old-growth attributes in a network of Apennines (Italy) beech forestsZiaco, E.; Di Filippo, Alfredo ; Alessandrini, A.; Baliva, M.; Dandrea, E.; Piovesan, Gianluca ; D'andrea, E.
122016Missing rings in pinus halepensis - The missing link to relate the tree-ring record to extreme climatic eventsNovak, K.; Piovesan, Gianluca ; Rathgeber Cbk; Papadopoulos, A.; Smith Kt; Novak; K.; De Luis; M.; Saz; M. A.; De Luis, M.; Longares; L. A.; Serrano-notivoli; R.; Raventós; J.; Ƒåufar; Griƒçar; Di Filippo, Alfredo ; A.; Saz Ma; Rathgeber; C. B. K.; Papadopoulos; Smith; K. T.; Longares La; Serrano-notivoli, R.; Ravents, J.; Ufar, K.; Griar, J.
132015The longevity of broadleaf deciduous trees in Northern Hemisphere temperate forestsDi Filippo, Alfredo ; Michele Baliva, M.; Pederson, N.; Baliva, M.; Brunetti, M.; Dinella, A.; Kitamura, K.; Knapp Hd; Schirone, B.; Piovesan, Gianluca 
142017Large-scale atmospheric circulation enhances the Mediterranean East-West tree growth contrast at rear-edge deciduous forestsDorado-lin, I.; Zang, C.; Zlatanov, T.; Menzel, A.; Dorado-liñán, I.; Mart√≠nez-sancho, E.; Gutiérrez, E.; Zorita, E.; Martnez-sancho, E.; Gea-izquierdo, G.; Di Filippo, Alfredo ; Gutirrez, E.; Levanic, T.; Piovesan, Gianluca ; Vacchiano, G.
152014GROWTH TRENDS AND VARIABILITY AT EUROPEAN BEECH MARGINAL PO PULATIONS IN THE MEDITERRANEAN BASINDorado Lin, I.; Zlatanov, T.; Di Filippo, Alfredo ; Menzel, A.; Zang, C.; Akhmetzyanov, L.; Chen, K.; Martnez-sancho, E.; Gea-izquierdo, G.; Gutirrez, E.; Castagneri, D.; Levanic, T.
162016From Landsat to leafhoppersPrimi, Riccardo ; Mancini Ld; Mensing Sa; Rossi Cm; Scoppola, Anna ; Sulli, C.; Venanzi, R.; Ronchi, Bruno ; Piovesan, Gianluca ; Mancini, L. D.; Filibeck, Goffredo ; Mensing, S. A.; Rossi, C. M.; Goffredo Filibeck, G.; Primi; R.; Filibeck; G.; Amici; A.; B√ºckle; Amici, Andrea ; C.; Cancellieri; L.; Di Filippo, Alfredo ; Gentile; Guglielmino; Latini; Mancini; L. D.; Mensing; Bckle, C.; S. A.; Rossi; C. M.; Rossini; F.; Scoppola; Sulli; Venanzi; Ronchi; B.; Cancellieri, L.; Gentile, C.; Guglielmino, Adalgisa ; Latini, R.
172013European Primeval Beech Forests as a Reference for Management and Biodiversity ConservationDi Filippo, Alfredo 
182013Dendroecological networks to investigate forest dynamicsDi Filippo, Alfredo ; Biondi, F.; Ziaco, E.; Piovesan, Gianluca ; Ziaco
192013Dendrochronological characterization, growth trends and disturbance regimes in three old-growth beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) forests in the Upper AustriaPresutti Saba, E.; Baliva, M.; Di Filippo, Alfredo ; Biondi, F.; Ziaco, E.; Piovesan, Gianluca 
202012A dendrochronological analysis of Pinus pinea L. on the Italian mid-Tyrrhenian coastPiraino, S.; Camiz, S.; Di Filippo, Alfredo ; Piovesan, Gianluca ; Spada, F.; Spada