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Cattani, Carlo
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12008Waves in nonlinear Signorini structural modelCattani, Carlo 
22015Wavelets method for the time fractional diffusion-wave equationHeydari Mh; Hooshmandasl Mr; Ghaini Fmm; Cattani, Carlo 
32013Wavelets method for solving systems of nonlinear singular fractional Volterra integro-differential equationsHeydari, M. H.; Hooshmandasl, M. R.; Mohammadi, F.; Cattani, Carlo 
42016Wavelets method for solving fractional optimal control problemsHeydari Mh; Hooshmandasl Mr; Ghaini Fmm; Cattani, Carlo 
52003Wavelets in the Transport Theory of Heterogeneous Reacting SolutesCattani, Carlo ; Laserra, E.
62005Wavelets in Jumps detectionCattani, Carlo 
72003Wavelets in Chemical Transport TheoryCattani, Carlo ; Laserra, E.
82016Wavelets Galerkin method for solving stochastic heat equationHeydari Mh; Hooshmandasl Mr; Loghmani Gb; Cattani, Carlo 
92003The Wavelet-based technique in dispersive wave propagationCattani, Carlo 
102005Wavelet solution of Fredholm integral equationsCattani, Carlo 
112007Wavelet Solution for the Momentless State Equations of an Hyperboloid Shell with Localized StressCattani, Carlo 
122008Wavelet Extraction of a Pulse from a Periodic SignalCattani, Carlo 
132001Wavelet estimate of time seriesCattani, Carlo ; Ciancio, A.
142005Wavelet Clustering in Time Series AnalysisCattani, Carlo ; Ciancio, A.
152009Wavelet Based Approach to Fractals and Fractal Signal DenoisingCarlo Cattani; Cattani, Carlo 
162006Wavelet approach to Stability of Orbits AnalysisCattani, Carlo 
172007Wavelet and Wave Analysis as applied to Materials with Micro or NanostructureCattani, Carlo ; Rushchitsky, J. J.
182004Wavelet Analysis of the evolution of a solitary wave in a composite materialRushchitsky, J. J.; Cattani, Carlo ; Terletskaya, E. V.
192009Wavelet Analysis of Spike Train in the Fitzhugh ModelCattani, Carlo ; Scalia, M.
202005Wavelet Analysis of Solitary Wave EvolutionCattani, Carlo