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Casa, Raffaele
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12015Wheat lodging monitoring using polarimetric index from RADARSAT-2 dataYang, H.; Chen, E.; Li, Z.; Zhao, C.; Yang, G.; Pignatti, S.; Casa, Raffaele ; Zhao, L.
22018Vegetation Indices Combining the Red and Red-Edge Spectral Information for Leaf Area Index RetrievalXie, Q.; Pascucci, S.; Dong, Y.; Ye, H.; Dash, J.; Huang, W.; Peng, D.; Qin, Q.; Mortimer, H.; Casa, Raffaele ; Pignatti, S.; Laneve, G.
32014Temporal Polarimetric Behavior of Oilseed Rape (Brassica napus L.) at C-Band for Early Season Sowing Date MonitoringYang, H.; Li, Z.; Chen, E.; Zhao, C.; Yang, G.; Casa, Raffaele ; Pignatti, S.; Feng, Q.
42020Special issue “hyperspectral remote sensing of agriculture and vegetation”Pascucci, Simone; Pignatti, Stefano; Casa, Raffaele ; Darvishzadeh, Roshanak; Huang, Wenjiang
52015Sinergistic use of radar and optical data for agricultural data products assimilationAnniballe, R.; Pascucci, S.; Pierdicca, N.; Pignatti, S.; Qiaoyun, X.; Santini, F.; Silvestro Pc; Yang, H.; Yang, G.; Casa, Raffaele ; Castaldi, F.; Fascetti, F.; Fusilli, F.; Huang, W.; Laneve, G.; Marzialetti, P.; Palombo, A.
62021Simultaneous measurements of corn leaf area index and mean tilt angle from multi-directional sunlit and shaded fractions using downward-looking photographyQu, Yonghua; Gao, Zebin; Shang, Jiali; Liu, Jiangui; Casa, Raffaele 
72015Sensitivity of leaf chlorophyll empirical estimators obtained at Sentinel-2 spectral resolution for different canopy structuresVincini, M.; Calegari, F.; Casa, Raffaele 
82017Sensitivity analysis of the Aquacrop and SAFYE crop models for the assessment of water limited winter wheat yield in regional scale applicationsSilvestro Pc; Pignatti, S.; Yang, H.; Yang, G.; Pascucci, S.; Castaldi, F.; Casa, Raffaele 
92015Reducing the influence of soil moisture on the estimation of clay from hyperspectral dataCastaldi, F.; Palombo, A.; Pascucci, S.; Pignatti, S.; Santini, F.; Casa, Raffaele 
102020Prediction of wheat grain protein by coupling multisource remote sensing imagery and ECMWF dataXu, Xiaobin; Teng, Cong; Zhao, Yu; Du, Ying; Zhao, Chunqi; Yang, Guijun; Jin, Xiuliang; Song, Xiaoyu; Gu, Xiaohe; Casa, Raffaele ; Chen, Liping; Li, Zhenhai
112012Potenzialit del telerilevamento iperspettrale per la mappatura delle propriet del suolo ed applicazioni in agricoltura di precisioneCasa, Raffaele ; Castaldi, F.; Pascucci, S.; Pignatti, S.
122012Potential of hyperspectral remote sensing for field scale soil mapping and precision agriculture applicationsCasa, Raffaele ; Castaldi, F.; Pascucci, S.; Pignatti, S.
132015Operational unmanned aerial vehicle assisted post-emergence herbicide patch spraying in maizePelosi, F.; Castaldi, F.; Casa, Raffaele 
142017Off-nadir hyperspectral sensing for estimation of vertical profile of leaf chlorophyll content within wheat canopiesKong, W.; Huang, W.; Zhou, X.; Ye, H.; Dong, Y.; Casa, Raffaele 
162016A methodology for the assessment of the potential of precision weed management based on geostatistical and crop growth model simulationsCastaldi, F.; Casa, Raffaele 
172020Influence of soil properties on maize and wheat nitrogen status assessment from Sentinel-2 dataCrema, Alberto; Boschetti, Mirco; Nutini, Francesco; Cillis, Donato; Casa, Raffaele 
182015Influence of acquisition time and resolution on wheat yield estimation at the field scale from canopy biophysical variables retrieved from SPOT satellite dataCastaldi, F.; Casa, Raffaele ; Pelosi, F.; Yang, H.
192013Geophysical and hyperspectral data fusion techniques for in-field estimation of soil propertiesCasa, Raffaele ; Castaldi, F.; Pascucci, S.; Basso, B.; Pignatti, S.
202012Forcing a wheat crop model with LAI data to access agronomic variablesCasa, Raffaele ; Varella, H.; Buis, S.; Gurif, M.; De Solan, B.; Baret, F.