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Casa, Raffaele
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12017Assessing the potential of images from unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) to support herbicide patch spraying in maizeCastaldi, F.; Pelosi, F.; Pascucci, S.; Casa, Raffaele 
22014Assessing the robustness of vegetation indices to estimate wheat N in Mediterranean environmentsCammarano, D.; Fitzgerald , G. J.; Casa, Raffaele ; Basso, B.
32017Assessment of leaf carotenoids content with a new carotenoid indexZhou, X.; Huang, W.; Kong, W.; Ye, H.; Dong, Y.; Casa, Raffaele 
42015Chlorophyll estimation in field cropsCasa, Raffaele ; Castaldi, F.; Pascucci, S.; Pignatti, S.
52018A comparison between standard and functional clustering methodologies: Application to agricultural fields for yield pattern assessmentPascucci, S.; Carfora Mf; Palombo, A.; Pignatti, S.; Casa, Raffaele ; Pepe, M.; Castaldi, F.
62013A comparison of sensor resolution and calibration strategies for soil texture estimation from hyperspectral remote sensingCasa, Raffaele ; Castaldi, F.; Pascucci, S.; Palombo, A.; Pignatti, S.
72016A data fusion and spatial data analysis approach for the estimation of wheat grain nitrogen uptake from satellite dataCastaldi, F.; Castrignan√≤, A.; Casa, Raffaele 
82013Development of an app for estimating leaf area index using a smartphone. Trueness and precision determination and comparison with other indirect methodsConfalonieri, R.; Foi, M.; Casa, Raffaele 
92017Downstream Services for Rice Crop Monitoring in EuropeBusetto, L.; Crema, A.; Garcia-haro Fj; Gatti, L.; Gitas Iz; Gonzalez-perez, A.; Grau-muedra, G.; Guarneri, T.; Holecz, F.; Katsantonis, D.; Minakou, C.; Casteleyn, S.; Miralles, I.; Movedi, E.; Nutini, F.; Pagani, V.; Palombo, A.; Paola Fd; Pascucci, S.; Pignatti, S.; Rampini, A.; Ranghetti, L.; Granell, C.; Ricciardelli, E.; Romano, F.; Stavrakoudis Dg; Stroppiana, D.; Viggiano, M.; Boschetti, M.; Pepe, M.; Barbieri, M.; Campos-taberner, M.; Casa, Raffaele ; Collivignarelli, F.; Confalonieri, R.
102014Effects of partial root-zone drying irrigation on yield, fruit quality, and water-use efficiency in processing tomatoCasa, Raffaele ; Rouphael, Y.
112017Estimating structural parameters of agricultural crops from ground-based multi-angular digital images with a fractional model of sun and shade componentsMu, X.; Xie, D.; Yan, G.; Hu, R.; Zeng, Y.; Mcvicar Tr; Ren, H.; Song, W.; Wang, Y.; Casa, Raffaele ; Qi, J.
122017Estimating wheat yield in China at the field and district scale from the assimilation of satellite data into the Aquacrop and simple algorithm for yield (SAFY) modelsSilvestro Pc; Pignatti, S.; Pascucci, S.; Yang, H.; Li, Z.; Yang, G.; Huang, W.; Casa, Raffaele 
132016Estimation of carotenoid content at the canopy scale using the carotenoid triangle ratio index from in situ and simulated hyperspectral dataKong, W.; Huang, W.; Zhou, X.; Song, X.; Casa, Raffaele 
142015Estimation of foliage clumping from the LAI-2000 Plant Canopy AnalyzerChianucci, F.; Macfarlane, C.; Pisek, J.; Cutini, A.; Casa, Raffaele 
152014Estimation of soil organic carbon from airborne hyperspectral thermal infrared dataPascucci, S.; Casa, Raffaele ; Belviso, C.; Palombo, A.; Pignatti, S.; Castaldi, F.
162014Estimation of soil properties at the field scale from satellite dataCastaldi, F.; Casa, Raffaele ; Castrignan, A.; Pascucci, S.; Palombo, A.; Pignatti, S.
172016Evaluation of the potential of the current and forthcoming multispectral and hyperspectral imagers to estimate soil texture and organic carbonCastaldi, F.; Palombo, A.; Santini, F.; Pascucci, S.; Pignatti, S.; Casa, Raffaele 
182012Forcing a wheat crop model with LAI data to access agronomic variablesCasa, Raffaele ; Varella, H.; Buis, S.; Gurif, M.; De Solan, B.; Baret, F.
192013Geophysical and hyperspectral data fusion techniques for in-field estimation of soil propertiesCasa, Raffaele ; Castaldi, F.; Pascucci, S.; Basso, B.; Pignatti, S.
202015Influence of acquisition time and resolution on wheat yield estimation at the field scale from canopy biophysical variables retrieved from SPOT satellite dataCastaldi, F.; Casa, Raffaele ; Pelosi, F.; Yang, H.