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Cervia, Davide
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12010Tumour biology of melanomaPerrotta, C.; Bizzozzero, L.; Cazzato, D.; Cervia, Davide ; Verdelli, C.; Clementi, E.
22011Thyroid hormones modulate the functional polarization of mouse macrophagesBuldorini, M.; Perrotta, C.; Clementi, E.; Cervia, Davide 
32019Structural modification of the protozoan toxin climacostol for biotechnological applicationsBuonanno, F.; Marcantoni, E.; Ortenzi, C.; Catalani, E.; Cervia, Davide ; Proietti Serafini, F.; Picchietti, S.; Fausto, Am; Giorgi, S.; Lupidi, G.; Vittorio Rossi, F.
42005Sornatostatin analogue therapy in Cushings disease?Van Der Hoek, J.; Cervia, Davide ; Taylor Je; Culler Md; Beckers, A.; Lamberts Swj; Hofland Lj; Waaijers, M.; Van Koetsveld Pm; Sprij-mooij, D.; Feelders Ra; De Herder Ww; Schmid Ha; Schoeffter, P.; Hoyer, D.
52000Somatostatin transduction pathways in rat pituitary tumor cellsCervia, Davide 
61999Somatostatin subtype receptor 2 (sst2) mediates the somatostatin-induced inhibition of cytosolic free calcium in GC cellsPetrucci, C.; Cervia, Davide ; Bagnoli, P.
72010Somatostatin regulation of vascular endothelial growth factor in the vasculature of the ischemic retinaCervia, Davide ; Catalani, E.; Dal Monte, M.; Casini, G.
82006Somatostatin receptor gene deletion differentially affects neuronal death and survival in a retina model of in vitro ischemiaCatalani, E.; Martini, D.; Cervia, Davide ; Papeschi, C.; Bagnoli, P.; Casini, G.
92002Somatostatin function in pituitary tumor cellsCervia, Davide ; Bluet-pajot, M. T.; Epelbaum, J.; Bagnoli, P.
102007Somatostatin coupling to Ca2+-Calmodulin kinase II mediates somatostatin modulation of intracellular Ca2+ concentration and growth hormone release in neuroendocrine tumor cellsCervia, Davide ; Ristori, C.; Bagnoli, P.
112011Role of Acid Sphingomyelinase in melanoma development and progressionBizzozzero, L.; Cazzato, D.; Assi, E.; Cervia, Davide ; Verdelli, C.; Clementi, E.; Perrotta, C.
122007Retinal ischemia and the somatostatinergic systemCatalani, E.; Martini, D.; Cervia, Davide ; Bagnoli, P.; Casini, G.
132015Persistent inhibition of mitochondrial biogenesis in muscular dystrophyPambianco, S.; Perrotta, C.; Cervia, Davide ; Puri Pl; Moggio, M.; Clementi, E.; De Palma, C.
142019p53 system at the molecular crossroad regulating apoptosis/autophagy balance: natural bioactive compounds as small molecule killing tumours and dual targeting prodrug strategyCatalani, E.; Ortenzi, C.; Fausto, Am; Picchietti, S.; Cervia, Davide ; Buonanno, F.; Zecchini, S.; Coazzoli, M.; Giovarelli, M.; Perrotta, C.; De Palma, C.; Clementi, E.; Marcantoni, E.
152014Nitric oxide, acid sphingomyelinase and syntaxin 4Perrotta, C.; Cervia, Davide ; Assi, E.; De Palma, C.; Clementi, E.
162019Neuronal alterations in retinas with defective expression of the full length dystrophinCatalani, E.; Coazzoli, M.; Zecchini, S.; Giovarelli, M.; Perrotta, C.; De Palma, C.; Clementi, E.; Cervia, Davide 
172017Neural degeneration mechanisms in diabetic retinopathyAmato, R.; Dal Monte, M.; Cervia, Davide ; Catalani, E.; Cammalleri, M.; Casini, G.
182007Molecular mechanisms underlying apoptotic effects of euplotin C, a secondary metabolite of Euplotes crassus in a tumour cell lineCervia, Davide ; Garcia-gil, M.; Simonetti, E.; Di Giuseppe, G.; Guella, G.; Bagnoli, P.; Dini, F.
192015Modulation of Acid Sphingomyelinase in Melanoma Reprogrammes the Tumour Immune MicroenvironmentAssi, E.; Moscheni, C.; Pellegrino, P.; Cervia, Davide ; Bizzozero, L.; Capobianco, A.; Pambianco, S.; De Palma, C.; Clementi, E.; Perrotta, C.; Morisi, F.
202015Melanoma progression is reduced by the ciliated protozoan toxin climacostolBuonanno, F.; Perrotta, C.; Guerra, L.; Picchietti, S.; Fausto Am; Marcantoni, E.; Giorgi, S.; Ortenzi, C.; Cervia, Davide