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Cervia, Davide
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12019XIAP as a Target of New Small Organic Natural Molecules Inducing Human Cancer Cell DeathMuñoz, D.; Catalani, E.; De Palma, C.; Perrotta, C.; Cuca, L.; Clementi, E.; Cervia, Davide ; Brucoli, M.; Zecchini, S.; Sandoval-hernandez, A.; Arboleda, G.; Lopez-vallejo, F.; Delgado, W.; Giovarelli, M.; Coazzoli, M.
22017An update on the assessment and management of metabolic syndrome, a growing medical emergency in paediatric populationsMameli, C.; Zuccotti Gv; Carnovale, C.; Galli, E.; Nannini, P.; Cervia, Davide ; Perrotta, C.
32010Tumour biology of melanomaPerrotta, C.; Bizzozzero, L.; Cazzato, D.; Cervia, Davide ; Verdelli, C.; Clementi, E.
42011Thyroid hormones modulate the functional polarization of mouse macrophagesBuldorini, M.; Perrotta, C.; Clementi, E.; Cervia, Davide 
52014The thyroid hormone triiodothyronine controls macrophage maturation and functionsPerrotta, C.; Buldorini, M.; Assi, E.; Cazzato, D.; De Palma, C.; Clementi, E.; Cervia, Davide 
62016The therapeutic potential of autophagy in Duchenne muscular dystrophyDi Renzo, I.; Proietti Serafini, F.; Giavazzi, A.; Zecchini, S.; Giovarelli, M.; Cervia, Davide ; Perrotta, C.; De Palma, C.; Clementi, E.
72013Sphingolipids and brain resident macrophages in neuroinflammationAssi, E.; Cazzato, D.; De Palma, C.; Perrotta, C.; Clementi, E.; Cervia, Davide 
82014Skeletal muscle homeostasis in Duchenne muscular dystrophyDe Palma, C.; Perrotta, C.; Pellegrino, P.; Clementi, E.; Cervia, Davide 
92011Role of Acid Sphingomyelinase in melanoma development and progressionBizzozzero, L.; Cazzato, D.; Assi, E.; Cervia, Davide ; Verdelli, C.; Clementi, E.; Perrotta, C.
102016Reversal of defective mitochondrial biogenesis in limb girdle muscular dystrophy 2D by independent modulation of histone and PGC-1 acetylationPambianco, S.; Moggio, M.; Bassi Mt; Puri Pl; Latella, L.; Clementi, E.; De Palma, C.; Giovarelli, M.; Perrotta, C.; Zecchini, S.; Cervia, Davide ; Di Renzo, I.; Moscheni, C.; Ripolone, M.; Violano, R.
112013The protein pheromone ER-1 of the ciliate Euplotes raikovi stimulates human T-cell activityCervia, Davide ; Belardinelli, M. C.; Fausto, Anna Maria ; Catalani, E.; Belardinelli Mc; Perrotta, C.; Picchietti, Simona ; Alimenti, C.; Casini, G.; Vallesi, A.
122011Programmed cell death mechanisms and pheocromocytomasCervia, Davide ; Perrotta, C.
132015Persistent inhibition of mitochondrial biogenesis in muscular dystrophyPambianco, S.; Perrotta, C.; Cervia, Davide ; Puri Pl; Moggio, M.; Clementi, E.; De Palma, C.
142019p53 system at the molecular crossroad regulating apoptosis/autophagy balance: natural bioactive compounds as small molecule killing tumours and dual targeting prodrug strategyCatalani, E.; Ortenzi, C.; Fausto, Am; Picchietti, S.; Cervia, Davide ; Buonanno, F.; Zecchini, S.; Coazzoli, M.; Giovarelli, M.; Perrotta, C.; De Palma, C.; Clementi, E.; Marcantoni, E.
152014Nitric oxide, acid sphingomyelinase and syntaxin 4Perrotta, C.; Cervia, Davide ; Assi, E.; De Palma, C.; Clementi, E.
162014Nitric Oxide drives embryonic myogenesis in chicken through the upregulation of myogenic differentiation factorsCazzato, D.; Assi, A.; Moscheni, C.; Brunelli, S.; De Palma, C.; Cervia, Davide ; Perrotta, C.; Clementi, E.
172013Nitric oxide and sphingolipids control apoptosis and autophagy with a significant impact on Alzheimers diseaseCervia, Davide ; Perrotta, C.; Moscheni, C.; De Palma, C.; Clementi, E.
182012Nitric Oxide and sphingolipids as modulators of apoptosis and autophagyCervia, Davide ; Perrotta, C.; De Palma, C.; Clementi, E.
192019Neuronal alterations in retinas with defective expression of the full length dystrophinCatalani, E.; Coazzoli, M.; Zecchini, S.; Giovarelli, M.; Perrotta, C.; De Palma, C.; Clementi, E.; Cervia, Davide 
202016Natural products from aquatic eukaryotic microorganisms for cancer therapyCatalani, E.; Cervia, Davide ; Fausto, Anna Maria ; Proietti Serafini, F.; Zecchini, S.; Picchietti, Simona ; Marcantoni, E.; Buonanno, F.; Ortenzi, C.; Perrotta, C.