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Cortignani, Raffaele
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12012A constrained optimization model based on generalized maximum entropy to assess the impact of reforming agricultural policy on the sustainability of irrigated areasCortignani, Raffaele ; Severini, Simone 
22013Adapting to uncertainty associated with short-term climate variability changes in irrigated Mediterranean farming systemsDono, Gabriele ; Cortignani, Raffaele ; Doro, L.; Giraldo, L.; Ledda, L.; Pasqui, M.; Roggero , P. P.; Roggero Pp
32018Agricultural policy and climate changeCortignani, Raffaele ; Dono, G.
42011An extended PMP model to analyze farmers adoption of deficit irrigation under environmental paymentsCortignani, Raffaele ; Severini, S.
52013An Integrated Assessment of the Impacts of Changing Climate Variability on Agricultural Productivity and Profitability in an Irrigated Mediterranean CatchmentDono, Gabriele ; Cortignani, Raffaele ; Doro, L.; Giraldo, L.; Ledda, L.; Pasqui, M.; Roggero , P. P.; Roggero Pp
62019CAP's environmental policy and land use in arable farms: An impacts assessment of greening practices changes in ItalyCortignani, Raffaele ; Dono, Gabriele 
72017Complying with greening practices in the new CAP direct paymentsCortignani, Raffaele ; Severini, Simone ; Dono, Gabriele 
82020COVID-19 and labour in agriculture: economic and productive impacts in an agricultural area of the MediterraneanCortignani, Raffaele ; Carulli, Giacomo; Dono, Gabriele 
92012Economic Effect of the Changing Regime of autumn rains onto sheep breeding farmsDono, G.; Giraldo, L.; Cortignani, Raffaele 
102021Financial sustainability in Italian farms: an analysis of the FADN sampleDono, Gabriele ; Buttinelli, Rebecca; Cortignani, Raffaele 
112018Green Payment and Perceived Rural Landscape Quality: A Cost-Benefit Analysis in Central ItalyCortignani, Raffaele ; Gobattoni, Federica; Pelorosso, Raffaele; Ripa, Maria Nicolina 
122020Greening and legume-supported crop rotations: An impacts assessment on Italian arable farmsCortignani, Raffaele ; Dono, Gabriele 
132014Impatto delle pratiche del greening in diversi scenari climatici in unarea della SardegnaCortignani, Raffaele ; Dono, Gabriele 
142014Income Impacts of Climate ChangeDono, Gabriele ; Cortignani, Raffaele ; Giraldo, L.; Pasqui, M.; Roggero , P. P.; Roggero Pp
152014Income impacts of climate change: Irrigated farming in the Mediterranean and expected changes in probability of favorable and adverse weather conditionsDono, Gabriele; Cortignani, Raffaele ; Giraldo, Luca; Pasqui, Massimiliano; Roggero, Pier Paolo
162011Lanalisi delle assicurazioni agricole come strumento di gestione del rischio sostenuto dalla PACSeverini, S.; Cortignani, Raffaele 
172008Lanalisi delle politiche idriche in agricoltura. Quali opportunit per luso della programmazione matematica positiva?Cortignani, Raffaele ; Severini, S.
182010Limpatto della riforma PAC sulla sostenibilit di unarea irriguaCortignani, Raffaele ; Severini, S.
192009Modeling farm-level adoption of deficit irrigation using Positive Mathematical ProgrammingCortignani, Raffaele ; Severini, S.
202012Modelling farmer participation to a revenue insurance scheme by the means of the Positive Mathematical ProgrammingCortignani, Raffaele ; Severini, Simone