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Carere, Claudio
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12015Actions for restocking of the European lobster (Homarus gammarus)Carere, Claudio ; Nascetti, G.; Carlini, A.; Santucci, D.; Alleva, E.
22017Active explorers show low learning performance in a social insectUdino, E.; Perez, M.; Carere, Claudio ; D‚äôettorre, P.
32013Animal personalities matter for biological invasionsCarere, Claudio ; Gherardi, F.
42014Behavioural response of European starlings exposed to video playbackof conspecific flocksZoratto, F.; Manzari, L.; Oddi, L.; Pinxten, R.; Eens, M.; Santucci, D.; Alleva, E.; Carere, Claudio 
52016Bolder takes all? The behavioural dimension of biogeographyCanestrelli, D.; Bisconti, R.; Carere, Claudio 
62013Can starling eggs be useful as a biomonitoring tool to study organohalogenated contaminants on a worldwide scale?Eens, M.; Flux, J.; Gwinner, H.; Halbrook Rs; Heeb, P.; Mazgajzki Td; Moksnes, A.; Polo, V.; Soler Jj; Sinclair, R.; Veiga Jp; Jaspers Lb; Williams Td; Covaci, A.; Pinxten, R.; Van Den Steen, E.; Bateson, M.; Carere, Claudio ; Clergeau, F.; Costantini, D.; Dolenec, Z.; Elliott, J.
72016Cephalopods are best candidates for invertebrate consciousnessMather Ja; Carere, Claudio 
82018A cetacean monitoring system that integrates citizen science and satellite imageryVukelic, M.; Mancini, F.; Vukelic, D.; Carere, Claudio 
92014Comparative ecogenotoxicologyAngeletti, Dario ; Carere, Claudio 
102013Condition-dependent nocturnal hypothermia in garden warblers Sylvia borin at a spring stopover siteCianchetti-benedetti, M.; Fusani, L.; Bonanni, R.; Cardinale, M.; Carere, Claudio 
112015Consistent individual differences in the behaviouralresponsiveness of adult male cuttlefish (Sepia officinalis)Carere, Claudio ; Grignani, G.; Bonanni, R.; Della Gala, M.; Carlin Mi; Angeletti, M.; Cimmaruta, R.; Nascetti, R.; Mather Ja
122018Dietary antioxidant, food deprivation and growth affect differently oxidative status of blood and brain in juvenile European seabass (Dicentrarchus labrax)Costantini, D.; Angeletti, D.; Strinati, C.; Trisolino, P.; Carlini, A.; Nascetti, G.; Carere, Claudio 
132017Environmental heterogeneity promotes microgeographic genetic divergence in the Mediterranean killifish Aphanius fasciatus (Cyprinodontidae)Angeletti, Dario ; Cimmaruta, Roberta ; Sebbio, C.; Bellisario, B.; Carere, Claudio ; Nascetti, Giuseppe 
142015EU guidelines for the care and welfare of an ‚Äúexceptional invertebrate class‚Äù in scientific researchBerry, A.; Vitale, A.; Carere, Claudio ; Alleva, E.
152016Habitat overlap between bottlenose dolphins and seabirdsCafaro, V.; Angeletti, Dario ; Bellisario, B.; Macali, A.; Carere, Claudio ; Alessi, J.
162016Historical biogeography and the (epi)genetic architecture of animal personality. A comment to Cobbens & van OersCanestrelli, D.; Bisconti, R.; Carere, Claudio 
172014How and why oxidative stress shapes life‚Äôs diversityCarere, Claudio 
182017Individual differences in exploratory activity relate to cognitive judgement bias in carpenter antsD‚äô Ettorre, P.; Carere, Claudio ; Demora, L.; Le Quinquis, P.; Signorotti, L.; Bovet, D.
192013Infaunal macrobenthic community dynamics in a manipulated hyperhaline ecosystemBellisario, B.; Carere, Claudio ; Cerfolli, F.; Angeletti, Dario ; Nascetti, G.; Cimmaruta, Roberta 
202012Interplay between oxidative status, cortisol and coping styles in wild Alpine marmots (Marmota marmota)Costantini, D.; Ferrari, C.; Pasquaretta, C.; Cavallone, E.; Carere, Claudio ; Von Hardenberg, A.; R√®ale, D.