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Carlini, Maurizio
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12017Aggravated test of Intermediate temperature solid oxide fuel cells fed with tar-contaminated syngasPumiglia, D.; Vaccaro, S.; Masi, A.; Mcphail Sj; Falconieri, M.; Gagliardi, S.; Della Seta, L.; Carlini, Maurizio 
22015Anaerobic co-digestion of olive-mill solid waste with cattle manure and cattle slurryCarlini, Maurizio ; Castellucci, S.; Moneti, M.
32015Biogas production from poultry manure and cheese whey wastewater under mesophilic conditions in batch reactorCarlini, Maurizio ; Castellucci, S.; Moneti, M.
42014Biomass to fuel cells state of the artBocci, E.; Foscolo , P. U.; Di Carlo, A.; Mc Phail Sj; Gallucci, K.; Foscolo Pu; Moneti, M.; Villarini, Mauro ; Carlini, Maurizio ; Mcphail , S. J.
52014Ceramic flawsCarlini, Maurizio ; Castellucci, S.; Allegrini, E.; Giannone, B.; Ferrelli, S.; Quadraroli, E.; Marcantoni, D.; Saurini , M. T.
62017Composite Cu-LaFeO3 coating on high Cr ferritic stainless steels for IT-SOFC interconnectsMasi, A.; Frangini, S.; Della Seta, L.; Mcphail Sj; Pumiglia, D.; Carlini, Maurizio 
72017Cu-Mn-Co oxides as protective materials in SOFC technologyMasi, A.; Bellusci, M.; Mcphail Sj; Padella, F.; Reale, P.; Hong Je; Steinberger-wilckens, R.; Carlini, Maurizio 
82015DEA (data envelopment analysis)-assisted supporting measures for ground coupled heat pumps implementing in ItalyLongo, L.; Cocchi, S.; Boibaker, K.; Colantoni, Andrea ; Bocci, E.; Boubaker, K.; Colantono, A.; Castellucci, S.; Carlini, Maurizio ; Vecchione, L.; Savuto, E.; Pallozzi, V.; Di Carlo, A.; Moneti, M.
92016Design of a Multi-Tube Pd-Membrane Module for Tritium Recovery from He in DEMOIncelli, M.; Santucci, A.; Tosti, S.; Carlini, Maurizio 
102015Development of a CFD model for the simulation of tar and methane steam reforming through a ceramic catalytic filterSavuto, E.; Di Carlo, A.; Bocci, E.; Dorazi, A.; Villarini, Mauro ; Carlini, Maurizio ; Foscolo , P. U.; Dorazio, A.
112012Down-hole heat exchangersCarlini, Maurizio ; Castellucci, S.; Allegrini, E.; Tucci, A.
122017The effect of chemical composition on high temperature behaviour of Fe and Cu doped Mn-Co spinelsMasi, A.; Bellusci, M.; Mcphail Sj; Padella, F.; Reale, P.; Hong Je; Steimberger-wilckens, R.; Carlini, Maurizio 
132012Energy characterization and gasification of biomass derived by helzenut cultivationMonarca, D.; Colantoni, A.; Cecchini, M.; Longo, L.; Carlini, Maurizio ; Manzo, A.
142016Energy efficiency in the industrial process of hair fiber depigmentationCarlini, Maurizio ; Mennuni, A.; Allegrini, E.; Castellucci, S.
152013Energy efficiency of greenhouse for the conversation of forestry biodiversityMarucci, A.; Carlini, Maurizio ; Castellucci, S.; Cappuccini, A.
162015Evaluation of a novel perovskite-based conversion coating for corrosion protection of 13cr ferritic stainless steels under relevant SOFC oxidizing conditionsMasi, A.; Frangini, S.; Carlini, Maurizio ; Masci, A.; Mcphail, S.
172014Evolution of biomass production potential and heating value of hybrid poplar genotypes in a short-rotation culture in Italy, Industrial crops and productsSabatti, M.; Fabbrini, F.; Harfouche, A.; Beritognolo, I.; Mareschi, C.; Carlini, Maurizio ; Paris, P.; Scarascia Mugnozza
182016Influence of the main gasifier parameters on a real system for hydrogen production from biomassMoneti, M.; Di Carlo, A.; Bocci, E.; Foscolo Pu; Villarini, Mauro ; Carlini, Maurizio ; Foscolo , P. U.
192013Italian residential buildingsCarlini, Maurizio ; Castellucci, S.; Cocchi, S.; Allegrini, E.; Li, M.
202017LaFeO3 perovskite conversion coatings grown on a 13Cr ferritic stainless steelMasi, A.; Frangini, S.; Pumiglia, D.; Della Seta, L.; Masci, A.; Mcphail Sj; Carlini, Maurizio