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Cerfolli, Fulvio
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12016Composition and diversity of a recent macro-mollusc thanatocoenosis from a Mediterranean sandy beach (San Vito Lo Capo, North-Western SicilyBattisti, C.; Cerfolli, Fulvio 
22013Detritus-based assemblage responses under salinity stress conditions in a disused aquatic artificial ecosystemCerfolli, Fulvio ; Bellisario, B.; Battisti, C.
32010The ecological restoration of Tarquinia saltern drives temporal changes in benthic community structureBellisario, B.; Novelli, C.; Angeletti, D.; Cerfolli, Fulvio ; Cimmaruta, R.; Nascetti, G.
42014effects on the distribution of wetland habitats and connectivity in networks of migratory waterbirdsBellisario, B.; Cerfolli, Fulvio ; Nascetti, G.
52017Europe as a model for large carnivores conservationGippoliti, S.; Brito, D.; Cerfolli, Fulvio ; Franco, D.; Krystufek, B.; Battisti, C.
62010Evaluating nestedness in spatially structured detritus-based systemBellisario, B.; Cerfolli, Fulvio ; Nascetti, G.
72018Fishing lines and fish hooks as neglected marine litterBattisti, C.; Kroha, S.; Kozhuharov, E.; De Michelis, S.; Fanelli, G.; Poeta, G.; Pietrelli, L.; Cerfolli, Fulvio 
82012The interplay between network structure and functioning of detritus-based communities in patchy aquatic environmentBellisario, B.; Cerfolli, Fulvio ; Nascetti, Giuseppe 
92013Macrobenthic community dynamics in a manipulated hyperhaline ecosystemBellisario, B.; Carere, C.; Cerfolli, Fulvio ; Angeletti, D.; Nascetti, G.; Cimmaruta, R.
102010Macroinvertebrates assembly in a patchy environmentBellisario, B.; Cerfolli, Fulvio ; Nascetti, G.
112011Pattern of species occurrence in detritus-based system with variable connectivityBellisario, B.; Cerfolli, Fulvio ; Nascetti, G.
122015Relationship between phylogenetic and nutritional diversity in Artic (Kandalaksha Bay) seawater planktonic bacteriaPesciaroli, C.; Barghini, P.; Cerfolli, Fulvio ; Bellisario, B.; Fenice, M.
132016Relationships between trace elements in Posidonia oceanica shoots and in sediment fractions along Latium coasts (nortwestern Mediterranean Sea)Bravo, I.; Focaracci, F.; Cerfolli, Fulvio ; Papetti, P.
142010Spatial Network Structure and Robustness of Detritus-Based Communities in a Patchy EnvironmentBellisario, B.; Cerfolli, Fulvio ; Nascetti, G.