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Canestrelli, Daniele
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12010Birth of a hot spot of intraspecific genetic diversity: notes from the undergroundCanestrelli, Daniele ; Aloise, G.; Cecchetti, S.; Nascetti, G.
22016Bolder Takes All? The Behavioral Dimension of BiogeographyCanestrelli, Daniele ; Bisconti, R.; Carere, C.
32017Climate change promotes hybridisation between deeply divergent speciesCanestrelli, Daniele ; Bisconti, R.; Chiocchio, A.; Maiorano, L.; Zampiglia, M.; Nascetti, Giuseppe 
42005Conserving the terecay (Podocnemis unifilis, Testudines Pelomedusidae) through a community-based sustainable harvest of its eggsCaputo, F. P.; Canestrelli, Daniele ; Boitani, L.
52016Cryptic diversity and multiple origins of the widespread mayfly species group Baetis rhodani (Ephemeroptera: Baetidae) on northwestern Mediterranean islandsBisconti, R.; Canestrelli, Daniele ; Tenchini, R.; Belfiore, C.; Buffagni, A.; Nascetti, G.
62017Cryptic invasion of Italian pool frogs (Pelophylax bergeri) across Western Europe unraveled by multilocus phylogeographyDufresnes, C.; Di Santo, L.; Leuenberger, J.; Schuerch, J.; Mazepa, G.; Grandjean, N.; Canestrelli, Daniele ; Perrin, N.; Dubey, S.
72014Extensive unidirectional introgression between two salamander lineages of ancient divergence and its evolutionary implicationsCanestrelli, Daniele ; Bisconti, R.; Nascetti, Giuseppe 
82007Genetic differentiation and history of populations of the Italian treefrog Hyla intermedia lack of concordance between mitochondrial and nuclear markersCanestrelli, Daniele ; Verardi, A.; Nascetti, G.
92011Genetic diversity and evolutionary history of the Tyrrhenian treefrog Hyla sarda (Anura: Hylidae): Adding pieces to the puzzle of Corsica-Sardinia biotaBisconti, R.; Canestrelli, Daniele ; Nascetti, G.
102006Genetic diversity and phylogeography of the Apennine yellow-bellied toad Bombina pachypus, with implications for conservationCanestrelli, Daniele ; Cimmaruta, R.; Costantini, V.; Nascetti, G.
112006Genetic evidence for two distinct species within the Italian endemic Salamandrina terdigitata BONNATERRE, 1789 (Amphibia: Urodela: Salamandridae)Canestrelli, Daniele ; Zangari, F.; Nascetti, G.
122013Geographic distribution of the chytrid pathogen Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis among mountain amphibians along the Italian peninsulaZampiglia, M.; Canestrelli, Daniele ; Chiocchio, A.; Nascetti, Giuseppe 
132013A geographic mosaic of evolutionary lineages within the insular endemic newt Euproctus montanusBisconti, R.; Canestrelli, Daniele ; Salvi, D.; Nascetti, Giuseppe 
142013Has Living on Islands Been So Simple? Insights from the Insular Endemic Frog Discoglossus montalentiiBisconti, R.; Canestrelli, Daniele ; Nascetti, Giuseppe 
152016High phylogeographical complexity within Mediterranean islands: insights from the Corsican fire salamanderSalvi, D.; Bisconti, R.; Canestrelli, Daniele 
162016Historical Biogeography and the (Epi)Genetic Architecture of Animal PersonalityCanestrelli, Daniele ; Bisconti, R.; Carere, C.
172013How complex is the Bufo bufo species group?Arntzen Jw; Recuero, E.; Canestrelli, Daniele ; Martinez-solano, I.
182017Hybrid zone formation and contrasting outcomes of secondary contact over transects in common toadsArntzen Jw; De Vries, W.; Canestrelli, Daniele ; Martinez-solano, I.
192007Improving insect pest management through population genetic data: the case study of the mosquito Ochlerotatus caspius (Pallas) in northern ItalyPorretta, D.; Canestrelli, Daniele ; Bellini, R.; Celli, G.; Urbanelli, S.
202006Integrating genetic, demographic and ecological issues for the conservation of the Alpine Newt in Central ItalyCanestrelli, Daniele ; Caputo, F. P.; Bagnoli, C.; Nascetti, G.