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Canestrelli, Daniele
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12013Widespread Occurrence of Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis in Contemporary and Historical Samples of the Endangered Bombina pachypus along the Italian PeninsulaCanestrelli, Daniele ; Zampiglia, M.; Nascetti, Giuseppe 
22014What triggers the rising of an intraspecific biodiversity hotspot? Hints from the agile frogCanestrelli, Daniele ; Bisconti, R.; Sacco, F.; Nascetti, Giuseppe 
32020Unveiling cryptic diversity among Müllerian co-mimics: insights from the Western Palaearctic Syntomis moths (Lepidoptera: Erebidae: Arctiinae)Chiocchio, Andrea; Arduino, Paola ; Cianchi, Rossella; Canestrelli, Daniele ; Zilli, Alberto
42006Triturus alpestris (Alpine newt): polymelyCanestrelli, Daniele ; Costantini, V.; Chiacchiera, F.
52016The tangled evolutionary legacies of range expansion and hybridizationCanestrelli, Daniele ; Porretta, D.; Lowe, W.; Bisconti, R.; Carere, C.; Nascetti, Giuseppe 
62005The spectacled salamanders, Salamandrina terdigitata LACEPEDE, 1788 and S. perspicillata SAVI, 1821: 1) genetic differentiation and evolutionary historyNascetti, G.; Zangari, F.; Canestrelli, Daniele 
72015Speciation history and widespread introgression in the European short-call tree frogs (Hyla arborea sensu lato, H. intermedia and H. sarda)Gvodk, V.; Garc√≠a-par√≠s, M.; Kotl√≠k, P.; Canestrelli, Daniele ; Garca-pars, M.; Moravec, J.; Nascetti, Giuseppe ; Recuero, E.; Teixeira, J.; Kotlk, P.; Gvozdik, V.
82011Southern crossroads of the Western Palaearctic during the Late Pleistocene and their imprints in the current patterns of genetic diversity: insights from the mosquito Aedes caspiusPorretta, D.; Canestrelli, Daniele ; Urbanelli, S.; Bellini, R.; Schaffner, F.; Petric, D.; Nascetti, G.
92021Reconstructing hotspots of genetic diversity from glacial refugia and subsequent dispersal in Italian common toads (Bufo bufo)Chiocchio, Andrea; Arntzen, Jan W.; Martínez-Solano, Iñigo; de Vries, Wouter; Bisconti, Roberta ; Pezzarossa, Alice; Maiorano, Luigi; Canestrelli, Daniele 
102017Quaternary history, population genetic structure and diversity of the cold-adapted Alpine newt Ichthyosaura alpestris in peninsular ItalyChiocchio, A.; Bisconti, R.; Zampiglia, M.; Nascetti, Giuseppe ; Canestrelli, Daniele 
112011Principi di Scrittura ScientificaCanestrelli, Daniele ; Porretta, D.
122014Predation by the Italian pool frog Pelophylax lessonae bergeri on the Valais shrew, Sorex antinoriiBisconti, R.; Aloise, G.; Cipriani, P.; Canestrelli, Daniele 
132008Population genetic structure and diversity of the Apennine endemic stream frog, Rana italica insights on the Pleistocene evolutionary history of the Italian peninsular biotaCanestrelli, Daniele ; Cimmaruta, R.; Nascetti, G.
142008Phylogeography of the pond frog Rana (Pelophylax) lessonae in the Italian peninsula and Sicily: multiple refugia, glacial expansions and nuclear-mitochondrial discordanceCanestrelli, Daniele ; Nascetti, G.
152007Phylogeography and historical demography of the Italian treefrog Hyla intermedia reveals multiple refugia, range expansions and secondary contacts within the Italian peninsulaCanestrelli, Daniele ; Cimmaruta, R.; Nascetti, G.
162021Paso doble: A two-step Late Pleistocene range expansion in the Tyrrhenian tree frog Hyla sardaSpadavecchia, Giada; Chiocchio, Andrea; Bisconti, Roberta ; Canestrelli, Daniele 
172012One Species, Three Pleistocene Evolutionary Histories: Phylogeography of the Italian Crested Newt, Triturus carnifexCanestrelli, Daniele ; Salvi, D.; Maura, M.; Bologna Ma; Nascetti, G.
182012On glacial refugia, genetic diversity and microevolutionary processes: Deep phylogeographic structure in the endemic newt Lissotriton italicusCanestrelli, Daniele ; Sacco, F.; Nascetti, G. G.
192007Occurrence of paedomorphosis in the fire salamander Salamandra salamandraCanestrelli, Daniele ; Bagnoli, C.
202009Nuclear and mitochondrial patterns of introgression between the parapatric European treefrogs Hyla arborea and H. intermedia (Anura:Hylidae)Verardi, A.; Canestrelli, Daniele ; Nascetti, G.