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Cimini, Riccardo
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12013Assessing value relevance of comprehensive income in European banks and other financial institutionsMechelli, Alessandro ; Cimini, Riccardo 
22017Central government accounting harmonization in EU Member StatesSforza, Vincenzo ; Cimini, Riccardo 
32017Do (Audit Firm and Key Audit Partner) Rotations Affect Value Relevance?Mechelli, Alessandro ; Cimini, Riccardo 
42015Eurozone Network Connectedness After Fiscal Year 2008Cimini, Riccardo 
52015How has the financial crisis affected earnings management?Cimini, Riccardo 
62013How have the IAS/IFRS adoption affected earnings management in EU?Mechelli, Alessandro ; Cimini, Riccardo 
72014Is Comprehensive Income value relevant and does location matter?Mechelli, A.; Cimini, Riccardo 
82015Is regulatory capital more value relevant than book value of equity?Mechelli, Alessandro ; Cimini, Riccardo ; Mazzocchetti, F.
92012La rappresentazione del comprehensive income in ItaliaCimini, Riccardo 
102012La revisione dei principi contabili nazionaliGaetano, A.; Cimini, Riccardo ; Pagani, A.
112015La value relevance dei valori di bilancio delle imprese in perdita. Profili teorici ed evidenze empiricheMechelli, Alessandro ; Cimini, Riccardo ; Mazzocchetti, F.
122012Leffetto dellintroduzione dei principi IAS/IFRS sullearnings management nei paesi dellUnione EuropeaMechelli, Alessandro ; Cimini, Riccardo 
132014The relation between R&D accounting treatment and the risk of the firmCimini, Riccardo ; Gaetano, A.; Pagani, A.
142015The relevance and the reliability of the IAS 39 financial instruments categoriesSforza, V.; Cimini, Riccardo 
152013Reporting comprehensive income issuesCimini, Riccardo 
162017Running the obstacle race towards public accounting harmonization in EU-28Sforza, Vincenzo ; Cimini, Riccardo 
172017The usefulness of the business model disclosure for investorsjudgements in financial entities. A European studyMechelli, A.; Cimini, Riccardo ; Mazzocchetti, F.
182016The value relevance of accounting figures in presence of earnings management. Are enforcement and ownership diffusion really enough?Callao, S.; Cimini, Riccardo ; Jarne Ij
192014The Value Relevance of Earnings and Book Value Across the EU. A Comparative AnalysisMechelli, Alessandro ; Cimini, Riccardo