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Cimini, Riccardo
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12014The Value Relevance of Earnings and Book Value Across the EU. A Comparative AnalysisMechelli, Alessandro ; Cimini, Riccardo 
22016The value relevance of accounting figures in presence of earnings management. Are enforcement and ownership diffusion really enough?Callao, S.; Cimini, Riccardo ; Jarne Ij
32017The usefulness of the business model disclosure for investorsjudgements in financial entities. A European studyMechelli, A.; Cimini, Riccardo ; Mazzocchetti, F.
42018Towards the modernisation of EU public sector accounting standards: Lessons from the reconciliation between national and governmental accountingSforza, Vincenzo ; Mechelli, Alessandro ; Cimini, Riccardo 
52020The effect of corporate governance and investor protection environments on the value relevance of new accounting standards: the case of IFRS 9 and IAS 39Mechelli, Alessandro ; Cimini, Riccardo 
62016Sulla capacit informativa del conto economico a sezioni divise e contrapposte e in forma scalareCimini, Riccardo 
72015The selective misrepresentation of financial information due to earnings management. Theoretical background, models and empirical evidence from the European UnionCimini, Riccardo 
82017Running the obstacle race towards public accounting harmonization in EU-28Sforza, Vincenzo ; Cimini, Riccardo 
92013Reporting comprehensive income issuesCimini, Riccardo 
102015The relevance and the reliability of the IAS 39 financial instruments categoriesSforza, V.; Cimini, Riccardo 
112014The relation between R&D accounting treatment and the risk of the firmCimini, Riccardo ; Gaetano, A.; Pagani, A.
122013Profili evolutivi della disciplina sugli strumenti finanziariCimini, Riccardo 
132016National and governmental accounting in EU member states. A temporal studySforza, Vincenzo ; Cimini, Riccardo 
142012Leffetto dellintroduzione dei principi IAS/IFRS sullearnings management nei paesi dellUnione EuropeaMechelli, Alessandro ; Cimini, Riccardo 
152016La valutazione delle partite in moneta esteraCimini, Riccardo 
162016La valutazione dei crediti e dei debiti in moneta legale detta anche moneta di contoCimini, Riccardo 
172011La valutazione degli strumenti finanziari nei Principi contabili internazionali dello IASBCimini, Riccardo 
182015La value relevance dei valori di bilancio delle imprese in perdita. Profili teorici ed evidenze empiricheMechelli, Alessandro ; Cimini, Riccardo ; Mazzocchetti, F.
192012La revisione dei principi contabili nazionaliGaetano, A.; Cimini, Riccardo ; Pagani, A.
202012La rappresentazione del comprehensive income in ItaliaCimini, Riccardo