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Cimini, Alessio
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12017Towards a Kieselguhr- and PVPP-Free Clarification and Stabilization Process of Rough Beer at Room-Temperature ConditionsCimini, Alessio ; Moresi, Mauro 
22013Rough Beer Clarification by Crossflow Microfiltration in Combination with Enzymatic and/or Centrifugal PretreatmentsCimini, Alessio ; Marconi, O.; Moresi, Mauro ; Alessio Cimini; Ombretta Marconi
32015Pale Lager Clarification Using Novel Ceramic Hollow-Fiber Membranes and CO2 Backflush ProgramCimini, Alessio ; Moresi, Mauro ; Alessio Cimini
42014Novel Procedure for Lager Beer Clarification and Stabilization Using Sequential Enzymatic, Centrifugal, Regenerable PVPP and Crossflow Microfiltration ProcessingCimini, Alessio ; Marconi, O.; Perretti, G.; Moresi, Mauro 
52013Novel Lager Beer Clarification and Stabilisation Process Using Ceramic Tubular Microfiltration MembranesCimini, Alessio 
62014Novel cold sterilization and stabilization process applied to a pale lagerCimini, Alessio ; Moresi, Mauro 
72016A Low-Cost Image Analysis System to Upgrade the Rudin Beer Foam Head Retention MeterCimini, Alessio ; Pallottino, F.; Menesatti, P.; Moresi, Mauro ; Alessio Cimini; Federico Pallottino; Paolo Menesatti
82014An improved Rudin-based beer head retention meter to assess foam decay curve by eye tracking and image analysisCimini, Alessio ; Moresi, M.; Pallottino, F.; Menesatti, P.
92017Energy efficiency and carbon footprint of home pasta cooking appliancesCimini, Alessio ; Moresi, Mauro ; Alessio Cimini
102016Efficienza energetica ed impronta del carbonio dei sistemi di COTTURA casalinga della PASTA alimentareCimini, Alessio ; Moresi, Mauro 
112017Effect of crossflow microfiltration on the clarification and stability of beer from 100% low--glucan barley or malt,Cimini, Alessio ; De Francesco, G.; Perretti, G.
122017Effect of Brewery Size on the Main Process Parameters and Cradle-to-Grave Carbon Footprint of Lager BeerCimini, Alessio ; Moresi, M.
132012Cross-Flow Microfiltration of Rough Beer using a 0,8-m Tubular Ceramic membraneCimini, Alessio 
142017Combined enzymatic and crossflow microfiltration process to assure the colloidal stability of beerCimini, Alessio ; Moresi, Mauro 
152013Chiarificazione della birra con membrana ceramica tubolareCimini, Alessio ; Moresi, Mauro 
162014Carbon Footprint of Lager BeerCimini, Alessio ; Moresi, M.
172015Carbon footprint of a pale lager packed in different formatsCimini, Alessio ; Moresi, Mauro ; Alessio Cimini
182016Carbon Footprint della birraCimini, Alessio ; Moresi, Mauro 
192014Beer Clarification Using Ceramic Tubular Membranes UR - http://dx.doi.org/10.1007/s11947-014-1338-2 PB - Springer US DA - 2014/06/07 KW - Beer clarification KW - CO2 backflush KW - Cross-flow velocity KW - Membrane porosity KW - Microfiltration KW - Permeation flux KW - Transmembrane pressure differenceCimini, Alessio 
202016Beer Clarification by Novel Ceramic Hollow-Fiber MembranesCimini, Alessio ; Moresi, Mauro