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Colantoni, Andrea
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12015Agri-FormFeltrin, S.; Marino, M.; Colantoni, Andrea ; Cividno Srs
22015Analysis of internal shading degree to a prototype of dynamics photovoltaic greenhouse through simulation softwareMarucci, Alvaro ; Monarca, Danilo ; Cecchini, Massimo ; Colantoni, Andrea ; Cappuccini, A.; Cappuccini Andrea
42017Analysis of the internal shading in a photovoltaic greenhouse tunnelMarucci, Alvaro ; Monarca, D.; Colantoni, Andrea ; Campiglia, Enio ; Cappuccini, A.
52017Analyzing the environmental impact of chemically-produced protein hydrolysate from leather waste vs. Enzymatically-produced protein hydrolysate from legume grainsColantoni, Andrea ; Recchia, L.; Bernabei, G.; Cardarelli, M.; Rouphael, Y.; Colla, G.
62018Applied Research for a Safer FutureZambon, I.; Piergentili, A.; Salvati, L.; Monarca, D.; Matyjas, P.; Colantoni, Andrea 
72016Assessing the effectiveness of sustainable land management policies for combating desertificationSalvati, L.; Gokceoglue, H.; Gungore, R.; Hesself, H.; Khattelib, A.; Kounalakia, A.; Laouinad, F.; Ocakoglue, M.; Ouessarb, C.; Ritsemaf, M.; Sghaierb, H.; Kosmas, C.; Sonmeze, H.; Taamallah, L.; Tezcane, J.; Ventec, C.; Kelly; Colantoni, Andrea ; Carlucci, M.; Kairisa, O.; Karavitisa, S.; Acikaline, A.; Belgacemb, A.; Sol-benetc, M.; Chakerd, V.; Fassoulia, C.
82015Assessing trends in climate aridity and vulnerability to soil degradation in ItalyColantoni, Andrea ; Ferrara, C.; Perini, L.; Salvati, L.
92014Assessment of Energetic Potential by Hazelnuts Pruning in Black Sea Region in Turkey in Reference to the Achieved Viterbo Area Sustainability of Agricultural Systems Projects in ItalyBoubaker, K.; Colantoni, Andrea ; Allegrini, E.; Longo, L.; Di Giacinto, S.; Monarca, D.; Cecchini, Massimo ; Massimo Cecchini
102013Assessment of the energetic potential by hazelnuts pruning in Viterbos areaMonarca, D.; Cecchini, M.; Colantoni, Andrea ; Di Giacinto, S.; Marucci, Alvaro ; Longo, L.
112017Back to Von ThunenColantoni, Andrea ; Efstathios, G.; Sateriano, A.; Sarantakou, E.; Salvati, L.
122016Characterization of biochars produced from pyrolysis of pelletized agricultural residuesColantoni, Andrea ; Evik, N.; Retschitzegger, S.; Proto, A.; Gallucci, F.; Monarca, Danilo ; Evic, N.; Lord, R.; Proto, A. R.
132017Characterizing Population Dynamics and Early Processes of Urbanization in Rural Tuscia, Central ItalyZambon, I.; Colantoni, Andrea ; Monarca, D.; Cecchini, Massimo ; Salvati, L.
142015Chemical risk assessment for workers employed in the wine sectorCossio, F.; Colantoni; Cecchini; M.; Cappuccini, A.; Colantoni, Andrea ; Monarca, Danilo ; Cecchini, Massimo ; Cossio; F.; Cappuccini; A.
152017CippatriciMonarca, D.; Cecchini, M.; Colantoni, Andrea ; Laurendi, V.
162016Cities as selective land predators?Colantoni, Andrea ; Grigoriadis, E.; Sateriano, A.; Venanzoni, G.; Salvati, L.
172018Clustering or Scattering?Colantoni, Andrea ; Zambon, I.; Gras, M.; Mosconi , E. M.; Stefanoni, A.; Salvati, L.; Colantoni, E.; Mosconi, Enrico Maria 
182018A combination of agricultural and energy purposesMarucci, Alvaro ; Zambon, I.; Colantoni, Andrea ; Monarca, D.
192014Comparative study of Indium and Zinc doped WO3 self-organized porous crystals in terms of nano-structural and opto-thermal patternsDabbous, S.; Arfaoui, A.; Boubaker, K.; Colantoni, Andrea ; Longo, L.; Amlouk, M.
202016Comparisons between Battery Chainsaws and Internal Combustion Engine ChainsawsColantoni, Andrea ; Mazzocchi, F.; Cossio, F.; Cecchini, M.; Bedini, R.; Monarca, D.