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Ceoloni, Carla
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12017Cytogenetic mapping of a major locus for resistance to Fusarium head blight and crown rot of wheat on Thinopyrum elongatum 7EL and its pyramiding with valuable genes from a Th. ponticum homoeologous arm onto bread wheat 7DLCeoloni, Carla ; Forte, P.; Kuzmanovi, L.; Tundo, S.; Moscetti, I.; De Vita, P.; Virili Me; Dovidio, R.
22019Deoxynivalenol detoxification in transgenic wheat confers resistance to Fusarium Head Blight and Crown Rot diseasesMandal√†, G.; Tundo, S.; Francesconi, S.; Gevi, F.; Zolla, L.; Ceoloni, Carla ; D'ovidio, R.
32016Effects of Thinopyrum ponticum chromosome segments transferred into durum wheat on yield components and related morpho-physiological traits in Mediterranean rain-fed conditionsKuzmanovi, L.; Virili Me; Rossini, R.; Ceoloni, Carla ; Kuzmanovic, L.; Virili, M. E.
42013FISHIS: Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization in Suspension and Chromosome Flow Sorting Made EasyGiorgi, D.; Farina, A.; Grosso, V.; Gennaro, A.; Ceoloni, Carla ; Lucretti, S.
52017Harnessing Genetic Diversity of Wild Gene Pools to Enhance Wheat Crop Production and SustainabilityCeoloni, Carla ; Kuzmanovic, L.; Rossini, R.; Forte, P.; Cuccurullo, A.; Bitti, A.; Kuzmanovi, L.
62014IAPT/IOPB chromosome data 17Scoppola, A.; Ceoloni, Carla ; Gennaro, A.; Magrini, S.
72017New insights into the Taxus baccata L. karyotype based on conventional and molecular cytogenetic analysesTomasino Mp; Gennaro, A.; Simeone, Marco Cosimo ; Schirone, B.; Ceoloni, Carla 
82014A novel assembly of Thinopyrum ponticum genes into the durum wheat genome: pyramiding Fusarium head blight resistance onto recombinant lines previously engineered for other beneficial traits from the same alien speciesForte, P.; Virili Me; Kuzmanovic, L.; Moscetti, I.; Gennaro, A.; Dovidio, R.; Ceoloni, Carla 
92017PrefaceZhang, Y.; Colla, Giuseppe ; Schwarz, D.; Sacca, F.; Sanfilippo, Matteo ; Yang X-j; Cattani, Carlo ; Dong, Z.; Yuan T-f; Han L-x; Molnr-lng, M.; Ceoloni, Carla ; Doleel, J.
102012Stacking small segments of the 1D chromosome of bread wheat containing major gluten quality genes into durum wheatGennaro, A.; Gennaro Andrea; Forte Paola; Panichi Daniela; Lafiandra, Domenico ; Degidio Maria Grazia; Ceoloni, Carla ; Forte, P.; Panichi, D.; Pagnotta, Mario Augusto ; Degidio Mg; Degidio, M. G.
112014Structural-functional dissection and characterization of yield-contributing traits originating from a group 7 chromosome of the wheatgrass species Thinopyrum ponticum after transfer into durum wheatKuzmanovic, L.; Gennaro, A.; Benedettelli, S.; Dodd Ic; Quarrie Sa; Ceoloni, Carla 
122014Targeted exploitation of gene pools of alien Triticeae species for a sustainable and multifaceted improvement of the durum wheat cropCeoloni, Carla ; Kuzmanovic, L.; Forte, P.; Gennaro, A.; Bitti, A.
132018Yield of chromosomally engineered durum wheat-Thinopyrum ponticum recombinant lines in a range of contrasting rain-fed environmentsKuzmanovic, L.; Kuzmanovi, L.; Able Ja; Bassi Fm; Maccaferri, M.; Tuberosa, R.; De Vita, P.; Ceoloni, Carla