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Calabrò, Giuseppe
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12020Tailored tungsten lattice structures for plasma-facing components in magnetic confinement fusion devicesv. Müller, Alexander; Binder, Maximilian; Calabrò, Giuseppe ; De Luca, Riccardo; Fanelli, Pierluigi ; Neu, Rudolf; Schlick, Georg; Vivio, Francesco; You, Jeong-Ha
22020Reuse of leather scraps for insulation panels: Technical and environmental feasibility evaluationMarconi, Marco ; Barbanera, Marco ; Calabrò, Giuseppe ; Baffo, ilaria 
32021Preliminary analysis of alternative divertors for DEMOMilitello, F.; Aho-Mantila, L.; Ambrosino, R.; Body, T.; Bufferand, H.; Calabrò, G. ; Ciraolo, G.; Coster, D.; Di Gironimo, G.; Fanelli, P. ; Fedorczak, N.; Herrmann, A.; Innocente, P.; Kembleton, R.; Lilburne, J.; Lunt, T.; Marzullo, D.; Merriman, S.; Moulton, D.; Nielsen, A.H.; Omotani, J.; Ramogida, G.; Reimerdes, H.; Reinhart, M.; Ricci, P.; Riva, F.; Stegmeir, A.; Subba, F.; Suttrop, W.; Tamain, P.; Teschke, M.; Thrysoe, A.; Treutterer, W.; Varoutis, S.; Wensing, M.; Wilde, A.; Wischmeier, M.; Xiang, L.Y.
42021Polymer Materials for Respiratory Protection: Processing, End Use, and Testing MethodsArmentano, Ilaria ; Barbanera, Marco ; Carota, Eleonora; Crognale, Silvia ; Marconi, Marco ; Rossi, Stefano ; Rubino, Gianluca ; Scungio, Mauro ; Taborri Juri; Calabrò, Giuseppe 
52020Peculiarity of highly radiating multi-impurity seeded H-mode plasmas on JET with ITER-like wallHuber, A; Wischmeier, M; Bernert, M; Wiesen, S; Glöggler, S; Aleiferis, S; Brezinsek, S; Calabro, G. ; Carvalho, P; Huber, V; Sergienko, G; Solano, E R; Giroud, C; Groth, M; Jachmich, S; Linsmeier, Ch; Matthews, G F; Meigs, A G; Mertens, Ph; Sertoli, M; Silburn, S; Telesca, G
62020Optimal sizing and location of a fast charging infrastructure network for urban areasBaffo, ilaria ; Minucci, Simone ; Ubertini, Stefano ; Calabrò, Giuseppe ; Genovese, Antonino; Andrenacci, Natascia
72021Investigation of the impact of flux expansion on tungsten content and radiation in JET-ILWMinucci, S.; Innocente, P.; Meineri, C.; Sertoli, M.; Balbinot, L.; Carvalho, I.S.; Calabrò, G. 
82020Hypercolorimetric multispectral Imaging and Pulse Compression thermography as innovative combined techniques for painting investigation: the case of a detached wall painting by PasturaAgresti, G; Burrascano, P; Calabrò, G. ; Colantonio, C; Lanteri, L; Laureti, S; Melis, M; Pelosi, Claudia ; Ricci, M; Sfarra, S
92019Development of integrated innovative techniques for paintings examination: The case studies of The Resurrection of Christ attributed to Andrea Mantegna and the Crucifixion of Viterbo attributed to Michelangelo's workshopLaureti, Stefano; Colantonio, Claudia; Burrascano, Pietro; Melis, Marcello; Calabrò, Giuseppe ; Malekmohammadi, Hamed; Sfarra, Stefano; Ricci, Marco; Pelosi, Claudia
102021Assessment of Scrape-Off Layer and divertor plasma conditions in JT-60SA with tungsten wall and nitrogen injectionRubino, G. ; Calabrò, G. ; Wischmeier, M.