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Chillemi, Giovanni
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Subject:  LS9_3 Agriculture related to animal husbandry, dairying, livestock raising

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12020Elite Food Between the Late Middle Ages and Renaissance: Some Case Studies from LatiumAlhaique, Francesca; Moricca, Claudia; Barelli, Lia; Masi, Alessia; Pugliese, Raffaele; Sadori, Laura; Romagnoli, Giuseppe ; Piermartini, Lavinia; Brancazi, Luca; Gabbianelli, Federica; Chillemi, Giovanni ; Valentini, Alessio 
22021Dissecting the Gene Expression Networks Associated with Variations in the Major Components of the Fatty Acid Semimembranosus Muscle Profile in Large White Heavy PigsZappaterra, Martina; Gioiosa, Silvia; Chillemi, Giovanni ; Zambonelli, Paolo; Davoli, Roberta