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12012X-ray absorption study of the solvation structure of Cu 2+ in methanol and dimethyl sulfoxideZitolo, A.; Chillemi, Giovanni ; Dangelo, P.
22017Whole-Exome Sequencing and Targeted Gene Sequencing Provide Insights Into the Role of PALB2 as a Male Breast Cancer Susceptibility GeneValentina Silvestri; Tiziana Castrignan; Alessandra Viel; Antonio Russo; Maria Grazia Tibiletti; Ines Zanna; Giovanna Masala; Laura Cortesi; Siranoush Manoukian; Jacopo Azzollini; Bernard Peissel; Veronica Zelli; Bernardo Bonanni; Paolo Peterlongo; Paolo Radice; Domenico Palli; Giuseppe Giannini; Chillemi, Giovanni ; Marco Montagna; Laura Ottini; Virginia Valentini; Piera Rizzolo; Anna Sara Navazio; Anna Coppa; Simona Agata; Cristina Oliani; Daniela Barana
32014Whole Exome Sequencing revealed a novel PALB2 mutation in a male breast cancer family. In Dangerous Liaisons translating cancer biology into better patients managementSilvestri, V.; Rizzolo, P.; Navazio , A. S.; Valentini, V.; Zelli, V.; Chillemi, Giovanni ; Montagna, M.; Ottini, L.
42017Type I DNA TopoisomerasesCapranico, G.; Marinello, J.; Chillemi, Giovanni 
52016Transcriptomic investigation of meat tenderness in two Italian cattle breedsBongiorni, S.; Gruber Ce; Bueno, S.; Chillemi, Giovanni ; Ferr, F.; Failla, S.; Moioli, B.; Valentini, Alessio ; Gruber, C. E. M.
62015Transcriptome-Wide comparison of sequence variation in skeletal muscle of Chianina and MaremmanaSilvia Bongiorni; Cesare Gruber, E. M.; Chillemi, Giovanni ; Fabrizio Ferr; Bianca Moioli; Sebastiana Failla; Alessio Valentini
72017Structural Evolution and Dynamics of the p53 ProteinsChillemi, Giovanni ; Kehrloesser, S.; Bernassola, F.; Desideri, A.; Dtsch, V.; Levine Aj; Melino, G.
82013Structural dynamics of V3 loop with different electrostaticsChandramouli, B.; Chillemi, Giovanni ; Giombini, E.; Capobianchi Mr; Rozera, G.; Desideri, A.
92014Structural dynamics of V3 loop in a trimeric ambiance, a molecular dynamics study on gp120-CD4 trimeric mimicChandramouli, B.; Chillemi, Giovanni ; Desideri, A.
102016Structural and Dynamic Characterization of the C313Y Mutation in Myostatin Dimeric Protein, Responsible for the Double Muscle Phenotype in Piedmontese CattleSilvia Bongiorni; Alessio Valentini; Chillemi, Giovanni 
112015Strategies to improve full genome sequences for livestock speciesValentini, A.; Bomba, L.; Pa Marsan; Zimin, A.; Mej Amaral; Chillemi, Giovanni ; Jl Williams
122012Status of the Buffalo GenomeMancini, G.; Biagini, T.; Chillemi, Giovanni ; Strozzi, F.; Williams, J.; Schroeder Sg; Zimin, A.
132013Solvent Dependency of the UV-Vis Spectrum of IndenoisoquinolinesColetta, A.; Castelli, S.; Chillemi, Giovanni ; Sanna, N.; Cushman, M.; Pommier, Y.; Desideri, A.
142016Solvation Structure of the Halides from X-Ray Absorption SpectroscopyAntalek, M.; Pace, E.; Hedman, B.; Ko Hodgson; Chillemi, Giovanni ; Benfatto, M.; Sarangi, R.; Frank, P.
152013The SNPs in the human genetic blueprint eraGiampaoli, S.; Romano Spica, V.; Chillemi, Giovanni ; Valeriani, F.; Lazzaro, D.; Borro, M.; Gentile, G.; Simmaco, M.; Zanni, G.; Berti, A.
162016Smyd3 open & closed lock mechanism for substrate recruitmentChandramouli, B.; Silvestri, V.; Scarno, M.; Ottini, L.; Chillemi, Giovanni 
172016Skeletal muscle transcriptional profiles in two Italian beef breeds, Chianina and Maremmana, reveal breed specific variationBongiorni, S.; Ferr, F.; Gruber Ce; Chillemi, Giovanni ; Bueno, S.; Failla, S.; Moioli, B.; Ferrè, F.; Valentini, Alessio ; Gruber, C. E. M.
182014Simulations of DNA topoisomerase 1B bound to supercoiled DNA reveal changes in the flexibility pattern of the enzyme and a secondary proteinDNA binding siteIlda Dannessa; Andrea Coletta; Thana Sutthibutpong; Jonathan Mitchell; Chillemi, Giovanni ; Sarah Harris; Alessandro Desideri
192014Signatures of selection in five Italian cattle breeds detected by a 54K SNP panelMancini, G.; Gargani, M.; Chillemi, Giovanni ; Nicolazzi, E. L.; Ajmone Marsan, P.; Valentini, Alessio ; Pariset, L.; Marsan, P. A.
202016SHOC2 subcellular shuttling requires the KEKE motif-rich region and N-terminal leucine-rich repeat domain and impacts on ERK signalingMotta, M.; Tartaglia, M.; Chillemi, Giovanni ; Fodale, V.; Cecchetti, S.; Coppola, S.; Stipo, S.; Cordeddu, V.; Macioce, P.; Gelb Bd