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Ceci, Marcello
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12020ALS skin fibroblasts reveal oxidative stress and ERK1/2-mediated cytoplasmic localization of TDP-43Romano, Nicla ; Catalani, Alessia; Lattante, Serena; Belardo,Antonio; Proietti, Silvia ; Bertini, Laura ; Silvestri, Federica; Catalani, Elisabetta; Cervia, Davide ; Zolla, Lello ; Sabatelli,Mario; Welshhans, Kristy; Ceci, Marcello 
22017Antimicrobial Peptides Are Expressed During Early Development Of Zebrafish (Danio rerio) And Are Inducible By Immune ChallengeCaccia, E.; Agnello, M.; Ceci, Marcello ; Dinglasan, P.; Vasta; Romano, Nicla ; Strichkler-diglasan, P.; Vasta Gr
32020Are microRNAs responsible for cardiac hypertrophy in fish and mammals? What we can learn in the activation process in a zebrafish ex vivo modelRomano, Nicla ; Ceci, Marcello 
42018Environmental pollution and toxic substances: Cellular apoptosis as a key parameter in a sensible model like fishAnvariFar, Hossein; Amirkolaie, A K; Jalali, Ali M; Miandare, H K; Sayed, Alaa H; Üçüncü, Sema İşisağ; Ouraji, Hossein; Ceci, Marcello ; Romano, Nicla 
52017Increased Cytoplasmic TDP-43 Reduces Global Protein Synthesis by Interacting with RACK1 on PolyribosomesRusso, A.; Murray , E. M.; Dickson , D. W.; Scardigli, R.; La Regina, F.; Murray Me; Romano, Nicla ; Dickson Dw; Wolozin, B.; Cattaneo, A.; Ceci, Marcello 
62012Intranasal "painless" Human Nerve Growth Factors Slows Amyloid Neurodegeneration and Prevents Memory Deficits in App X PS1 MiceCapsoni, S.; Pavone, F.; Cattaneo, A.; Marinelli, S.; Ceci, Marcello ; Vignone, D.; Amato, G.; Malerba, F.; Paoletti, F.; Meli, G.; Viegi, A.
72018Micro RNAs are involved in activation of epicardium during zebrafish heart regenerationCeci, Marcello ; Carlantoni, Claudia; Missinato, Maria Azzurra; Bonvissuto, Davide; Di Giacomo, Bruna; Contu, Riccardo; Romano, Nicla 
82014Neutralization of Nerve Growth Factor impairs proliferation and differentiation of adult neural progenitors in the subventricular zoneScardigli, R.; Capsoni, S.; Cattaneo, A.; Capelli, P.; Vignone, D.; Brandi, R.; Ceci, Marcello ; La Regina, F.; Piras, E.; Cintoli, S.; Berardi, N.
92012RACK1 is a ribosome scaffold protein for beta-actin mRNA/ZBP1 complexCeci, Marcello ; Welshhans, K.; Ciotti Mt; Brandi, R.; Parisi, C.; Paoletti, F.; Pistillo, L.; Bassell Gj; Cattaneo, A.
102019Ribosomal RACK1 promotes proliferation of neuroblastoma cells independently of global translation upregulationRomano, Nicla ; Veronese, Matteo; Manfrini, Nicola; Zolla, Lello ; Ceci, Marcello 
112021The role of RNA-binding and ribosomal proteins as specific RNA translation regulators in cellular differentiation and carcinogenesisCeci, Marcello ; Fazi, Francesco; Romano, Nicla 
122017Upregulation of eIF6 inhibits cardiac hypertrophy induced by phenylephrineRomano, Nicla ; Sara, R.; Gallo Paolo; Ceci, Marcello ; Ricciardi, S.; Gallo, P.; Gallo, M.
132019Zebrafish as a translational regeneration model to study the activation of neural stem cells and role of their environmentCeci, Marcello ; Mariano, Vittoria; Romano, Nicla