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Cecchi, Patrizio
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11996Activation of carbon dioxide by coordination with cations in the gas phaseCecchi, Patrizio ; Crestoni , M. E.; Grandinetti, F.; Vinciguerra, V.
21991Adduct formation or metalation from 1,2-bis(N-pyrazolyl)ethane and mercury(II) derivativesCecchi, Patrizio ; Lorenzotti, A.; Pettinari, C.; Leonesi, D.; Bonati, F.
31996Characterization of two chlororganotin(IV) containing pyrazole species obtained from the recrystallisation of Me2SnCl(3,4,5-Me3-Pz)3BHCecchi, Patrizio ; Calogero, S.; Valle, G.; Gioia Lobbia, G.
41996Crystal structure of [tetrakis(4-methyl-1H-pyrazol-1-yl-borato] dichloromethyltin(IV) MeCl2Sn--(4-MePz)3B(4-MePz)Cecchi, Patrizio ; Gioia Lobbia, G.; Valle, G.; Calogero, S.; Santini, C.
52001The dipole approach in Ion-interaction Chromatography of ZwitterionsCecchi, Patrizio ; Cecchi, T.; Pucciarelli, F.; Passamonti, P.
62002The dipole approach in Ion-interaction Chromatography of Zwitterions. Use of a potential approximation to obtain a simplified retention equationCecchi, Patrizio ; Cecchi, T.
72002The dipole approach in Ion-interaction Chromatography of Zwitterions. Use of the linearized potential expression for low surface potentialCecchi, Patrizio ; Cecchi, T.
82001The effect of the 3-trifluoromethyl substituent in polypyrazolylborato complexes on the iron(II) spin state; X-ray diffraction and absorption and Mssbauer studiesCecchi, Patrizio ; Berrettoni, M.; Giorgetti, M.; Gioia Lobbia, G.; Calogero, S.; Stievano, L.
91995Electrochemical, spectroelectrochemical and X-ray absorption spectroscopic study of some iron(II) and iron(III) polypyrazolylborato complexesCecchi, Patrizio ; Zamponi, S.; Gambini, G.; Conti, P.; Gioia Lobbia, G.; Marassi, R.; Berrettoni, M.
102011The first rating system of the antioxidant capacity of beauty creams via the Briggs-Rauscher reactionCecchi, Patrizio ; Cecchi, T.; Passamonti, P.
111994First row transition and group 12- and 14-metal(II) bis[hydridotris (3-Me-1H-pyrazol-1-yl)borate. The x-ray crystal structure of the nickel derivativeCecchi, Patrizio ; Gioia Lobbia, G.; Marchetti, F.; Valle, G.; Calogero, S.
121993First-row transition- and groups 12 and 14 metal bis[hydrido-tris(3a,7a-benzo-1,2,3-1H-triazol-1-yl)borate] derivativesCecchi, Patrizio ; Gioia Lobbia, G.; Leonesi, D.; Pettinari, C.; Sepe, C.; Vinciguerra, V.
131991Gas-phase acid-induced ring opening in diastereoisomeric 9,10-oxides derived from trans-1,2,3,4,4a,10a-hexahydrophenanthreneCecchi, Patrizio ; Chini, M.; Crotti, P.; Pizzabiocca, A.; Renzi, G.; Speranza, M.
141991Gas-phase heteroaromatic substitution. 14. Attack of dimethylfluoronium ion on 2- and 3-methyl-pyrroles, -furans, and thiophenesCecchi, Patrizio ; Pizzabiocca, A.; Renzi, G.; Sparapani, C.; Speranza, M.
151993The gas-phase protonation of spiropentane. A novel entry into the C5H9+ potential energy surfaceCecchi, Patrizio ; Pizzabiocca, A.; Renzi, G.; Grandinetti, F.; Sparapani, C.; Buzek, P.; Schleyer Von Ragu, P.; Speranza, M.
162009Is it advisable to store olive oil in pet bottles?Cecchi, Patrizio ; Cecchi, T.; Passamonti, P.
171998Metal polypyrazolylborates- XIV - Organomercury(II) complexes with Hydridotris(3,5-diphenyl-1H-pyrazolyl)borate and Hydridotris(4-bromo-1H- pyrazolyl)borate - The X-Ray crystal structure of [HB(3,5-Ph2Pz)3]HgC2H5Cecchi, Patrizio ; Gioia Lobbia, G.; Santini, C.; Giordano, F.; Coacci, K.
181991Metal polypyrazolylborates. IV. Mercury derivativesCecchi, Patrizio ; Gioia Lobbia, G.; Bonati, F.; Pettinari, C.
191992Metal polypyrazolylborates. V. Organomercury tris(3,5-dimethylpyrazolyl)boratesCecchi, Patrizio ; Gioia Lobbia, G.; Bonati, F.; Rafaiani, G.
201993Metal polypyrazolylborates. VI. Alkanethiolato- and arenethiolato-mercury(II) polypyrazolylboratesCecchi, Patrizio ; Gioia Lobbia, G.; Bartolini, S.; Pettinari, C.; Cingolani, A.