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Cecchi, Patrizio
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11993X-Ray absorption spectroscopic study of some tin(IV) and organotin(IV) complexesGioia Lobbia, G.; Zamponi, S.; Marassi, R.; Berrettoni, M.; Stizza, S.; Cecchi, Patrizio 
21998Tris(4-bromo-1H-Pyrazol-1-yl)borato derivatives of first-row transition and group 12 and 14 metals - X-Ray crystal structure of [HB(4-BrPz)3]2Cd -Cd-113 solution NMR study of Bis[Poly(pyrazolyl)borato] Cadmium complexesGioia Lobbia, G.; Bovio Santini, B. C.; Cecchi, Patrizio ; Pettinari; C.; Marchetti, F.
31996Trichloro-, mono-, di- and tri-organotin(IV) derivatives of hydridotris(4-methylpyrazol-1-yl) boratesGioia Lobbia, G.; Valle, G.; Calogero, S.; Cecchi, Patrizio ; Santini, C.; Marchetti, F.
41994Synthesis and characterization of some zinc, cadmium and mercury(II) derivatives of bis(4-methylpyrazol-1-yl)alkanesPettinari, C.; Santini, C.; Leonesi, D.; Cecchi, Patrizio 
51995Synthesis and characterization of Copper(I) derivatives with Nitrogen-donor ligands II. Dihydrobis- and tetrakis(1H-Pyrazol-1-yl)borates. The X-ray crystal structure of [pz2B-(-pz)2-Cu(PPh3)]Cecchi, Patrizio ; Bovio, B.; Gioia Lobbia, G.; Pettinari, C.; Leonesi, D.
61997Synthesis and characterization of copper(I) derivatives with Ndonor ligandsIV. Poly(1H-pyrazol-1-yl)borates cyclohexylphosphine CuI, the X-ray crystal structure of [HB-(-pz)3-CuP(Cy3)] and [HB-(-3,5 Me2 pz)3-CuP(Cy3)]Gioia Lobbia, G.; Pettinari, C.; Santini, C.; Colapietro, M.; Cecchi, Patrizio 
71996Synthesis and characterization of Copper(I) derivatives with N-donor ligands. III. Hydridotris(1H-Pyrazol-1-yl)borate. The X-ray crystal structure of [HB-(-pz)3-Cu-PPh3)]Gioia Lobbia, G.; Pettinari, C.; Marchetti, F.; Bovio, B.; Cecchi, Patrizio 
81989Substituent effects on the regio- and stereoselectivity of gas-phase acid-induced ring opening in 1-arylcyclohexene oxidesCecchi, Patrizio ; Pizzabiocca, A.; Renzi, G.; Chini, M.; Crotti, P.; Macchia, F.; Speranza, M.
92010Study of the quality of extra virgin olive oil stored in PET bottles with or without an oxygen scavengerCecchi, T.; Passamonti, P.; Cecchi, Patrizio 
101988Stereochemical effects in the gas-phase pinacol rearrangement of cis- and trans-1-methylcyclohexane-1,2-diolCecchi, Patrizio ; Cipollini, R.; Pizzabiocca, A.; Renzi, G.; Speranza, M.
111994Solution and solid-state NMR studies of MeHgII and RSHgII (R = Me, Et) complexes with pyrazolyl containing ligandsAime, S.; Digilio, G.; Gobetto; R.; Cecchi, Patrizio ; Gioia Lobbia, G.; Camalli, M.
121998Protonated NF3O. A G2MS teoretical study on the structure, stability, and interconversion of the (NF3O)H+ isomersGrandinetti, F.; Cecchi, Patrizio ; Vinciguerra, V.
131991A preparation of potassium tris(1,2,4-triazol-1-yl)hydroborate and of some metal derivativesGioia Lobbia, G.; Bonati, F.; Cecchi, Patrizio 
141995Organotin(IV) polypyrazolylborates. VIII. Hydridotris(4-chloro-3,5-dimethyl-1H-pyrazol-1yl-)borates. Characterization, Mssbauer study and X-ray crystal structures of [SnCl3HB(4-Cl-3,5-Me2-Pz)3] and [PhSnCl2HB(4-Cl-3,5-Me2-Pz)3] , volume = 503, note = Articolo in rivista, issn = 0022-328X, journal = JOURNAL OF ORGANOMETALLIC CHEMISTRY, year = 1995Gioia Lobbia, G.; Cecchi, Patrizio ; Calogero, S.; Valle, G.; Chiarini, M.; Stievano, L.
151995Organotin(IV) polypyrazolylborates. VII. Hydridotris(3,4,5-trimethyl-1H-pyrazol-1-yl) borates. X-ray crystal structure of K[HB(3,4,5-Me3Pz3] and [HB(3,4,5-Me3Pz3]SnMeCl2Gioia Lobbia, G.; Cecchi, Patrizio ; Spagna, R.; Colapietro, M.; Pifferi, A.; Pettinari, C.
161996Organotin(IV) polypyrazolylborates. IX. Tetrakis(4-methyl-1H-pyrazol-1- yl)borates. Characterization, Mssbauer study and X-ray crystal structure of [Cl3Sn-(-4-MePz)3B(4-MePz)]Gioia Lobbia, G.; Cecchi, Patrizio ; Santini, C.; Calogero, S.; Valle, G.; Wagner , F. E.
171991Organotin(IV) polypyrazolylborates. III. Tris(3,5-dimethylpyrazolyl)boratesGioia Lobbia, G.; Bonati, F.; Cecchi, Patrizio ; Lorenzotti, A.; Pettinari, C.
181990Organotin(IV) polypyrazolylborates. II. Tetrakis(pyrazolyl)boratesGioia Lobbia, G.; Bonati, F.; Cecchi, Patrizio ; Leonesi, D.
191989Organotin(IV) polypyrazolylborates. I. TrispyrazolylboratesGioia Lobbia, G.; Bonati, F.; Cecchi, Patrizio ; Cingolani, A.; Lorenzotti, A.
201996Organotin(IV) Polypyrazolylborates .12. Hydridotris(4-bromo-1H-Pyrazol-1-yl)borates - Characterization, Mssbauer study and X-Ray crystal structure of MeCl2Sn(4-BrPz)3BHCalogero, S.; Valle, G.; Gioia Lobbia, G.; Santini, C.; Cecchi, Patrizio ; Stievano, L.