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Bizzarri, Anna Rita
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
120131/f Noise in the Dynamic Force Spectroscopy Curves Signals the Occurrence of BiorecognitionBizzarri, Anna Rita ; Cannistraro, Salvatore 
22014Antigenantibody biorecognition events as discriminated by noise analysis of force spectroscopy curvesBizzarri, Anna Rita ; Cannistraro, Salvatore 
32017Binding kinetics of mutant p53R175H with wild type p53 and p63Moscetti, I.; Bizzarri, Anna Rita ; Cannistraro, Salvatore 
42017Binding of Amphipathic Cell Penetrating Peptide p28 to Wild Type and Mutated p53 as studied by Raman, Atomic Force and Surface Plasmon Resonance spectroscopiesSignorelli, S.; Santini, S.; Yamada, T.; Bizzarri, Anna Rita ; Beattie Cw; Cannistraro, Salvatore 
52014Binding of azurin to cytochrome c 551 as investigated by surface plasmon resonance and fluorescenceSantini, S.; Bizzarri, Anna Rita ; Yamada, T.; Beattie Cw; Cannistraro, Salvatore 
62015Calcium Ions Modulate the Mechanics of Tomato Bushy Stunt VirusLlauro; A.; Coppari; E.; Imperatori; F.; Bizzarri; Castn; J.; Cannistraro; S.; Coppari, E.; De Pablo; P. J.; Imperatori, F.; Bizzarri, Anna Rita ; Caston Jr; Santi, Luca ; Cannistraro, Salvatore ; De Pablo, P.; Llaur
72015Chirality Switching within an Anionic Cell-Penetrating Peptide Inhibits Translocation without Affecting Preferential EntryYamada, T.; Signorelli, S.; Cannistraro, Salvatore ; Beattie Cw; Bizzarri, Anna Rita 
82013Conductive Atomic Force Microscopy study of single molecule electron transport through the Azurin-Gold Nanoparticle systemRaccosta, S.; Baldacchini, C.; Bizzarri, Anna Rita ; Cannistraro, Salvatore ; Bizzarri , A. R.
92013Detection of persistent organic pollutants binding modes with androgen receptor ligand binding domain by docking and molecular dynamicsXu Xj; Bizzarri, Anna Rita ; Su, J.; Cannistraro, Salvatore ; Liu, M.; Zeng, Y.; Chen Wz; Wang Cx; Su Jg
102016Electron transfer, conduction and biorecognition properties of the redox metalloprotein Azurin assembled onto inorganic substratesBaldacchini, C.; Bizzarri, Anna Rita ; Cannistraro, Salvatore 
112015Electron tunnelling through single azurin molecules can be on/off switched by voltage pulses Chiara Baldacchini, Vivek Kumar, Anna Rita Bizzarri, and Salvatore CannistraroBaldacchini, C.; Kumar, V.; Bizzarri, Anna Rita ; Cannistraro, S.
122016Energy landscape investigation by wavelet transform analysis of atomic force spectroscopy data in a biorecognition experimentBizzarri, Anna Rita 
132014Excitation of the ligand-to-metal charge transfer band induces electron tunnelling in azurinBaldacchini, C.; Bizzarri, Anna Rita ; Cannistraro, Salvatore 
142013Inhibition of CK2 Activity by TCDD via Binding to ATP-competitive Binding Site of Catalytic SubunitXu Xian-jin; Cannistraro, Salvatore ; Bizzarri, Anna Rita ; Zeng, Y.; C.; Wang Cun-xin
152014Interaction of mutant p53 with p73Santini, S.; Di Agostino, S.; Coppari, E.; Bizzarri, Anna Rita ; Blandino, G.; Cannistraro, Salvatore 
162016Kinetics and binding geometries of the complex between 2-microglobulin and its antibodyCoppari, E.; Santini, S.; Bizzarri, Anna Rita ; Cannistraro, Salvatore 
172016MDM2-MDM4 molecular interaction investigated by atomic force spectroscopy and surface plasmon resonanceMoscetti, I.; Teveroni, E.; Moretti, F.; Bizzarri, Anna Rita ; Cannistraro, Salvatore 
182014A nanotechnological, molecular-modeling, and immunological approach to study the interaction of the anti-tumorigenic peptide p28 with the p53 family of proteinsCoppari, E.; Yamada, T.; Bizzarri, Anna Rita ; Beattie Cw; Cannistraro, Salvatore 
192013p28, a First in Class Peptide Inhibitor of COP1 Binding to p53Yamada, T.; Beattie , C. W.; Bizzarri , A. R.; Das Gupta, T.; Beattie, C.; Christov, K.; Shilkaitis, A.; Bratescu, L.; Green, A.; Santini, S.; Bizzarri, Anna Rita ; Cannistraro, Salvatore ; Gupta , T. K. D.
202016Revisitation of FRET methods to measure intraprotein distances in Human Serum AlbuminSantini, S.; Bizzarri, Anna Rita ; Cannistraro, Salvatore