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Bernini, Roberta
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12018Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects of pomegranate peel extracts on bovine mammary epithelial cells BME-UV1Mastrogiovanni, F.; Bernini, Roberta ; Basirico, L.; Bernabucci, U.; Campo, M.; Romani, A.; Santi, L.; Lacetera, N.
22011Chemoselective C-4 aerobic oxidation of catechin derivatives catalyzed by Trametes Villosa laccase/1-hydroxybenzotriazole systemBernini, Roberta ; Crisante, F.; Gentili, P.; Morana, F.; Pierini, M.; Piras, M.
32011A convenient and safe O-methylation of flavonoids with dimethyl carbonate (DMC)Bernini, Roberta ; Crisante, F.; Ginnasi Mc
42012Convenient synthesis of 1-aryl-dihydroxyisochromans exhibiting antioxidant activityBernini, Roberta ; Crisante, F.; Fabrizi, G.; Gentili, P.
52016Dendrochemical investigation on hexachlorocyclohexane isomers (HCHS) in poplars by an integrated study of micro-fourier transform infrared spectrometry and gas chromatographyBernini, Roberta ; Pelosi, C.; Carastro, I.; Venanzi, R.; Di Filippo, A.; Piovesan, G.; Ronchi, B.; Danieli Pp
72016Effect of hydroxytyrosol methyl carbonate on the thermal, migration and antioxidant properties of PVA based films for active food packagingFortunati, E.; Luzi, F.; Dugo, L.; Fanali, C.; Tripodo, G.; Santi, L.; Kenny Jm; Torre, L.; Bernini, Roberta 
82010An efficient and selective epoxidation of olefins with novel methyltrioxorhenium/(fluorous ponytailed)2,2-bipyridines catalystsSaladino, R.; Ginnasi Mc; Collalto, D.; Bernini, Roberta ; Crestini, C.
92010FriedelCrafts catalysts as assistants in the tritylation of less reactive hydroxylsBernini, Roberta ; Maltese, M.
102017Hydroxytyrosol as active ingredient in poly(vinyl alcohol) films for food packaging applicationsFortunati, E.; Giovanna Belluomo, M.; Kenny , J. M.; Bernini; R.; Luzi, F.; Fanali, C.; Dugo, L.; Belluomo Mg; Torre, L.; Kenny Jm; Santi, Luca ; Bernini, Roberta 
112015Hydroxytyrosol-Derived CompoundsBernini, Roberta ; Gilardini Montani Ms; Merendino, Nicolo' ; Romani, A.; Velotti, Francesca Romana 
122015Hydroxytyrosol-derived compounds: a basis for the creation of new pharmacological agents for cancer prevention and therapyBernini, Roberta ; Gilardini Montani Ms; Merendino, N.; Romani, A.; Velotti, F.
132012In vitro antitumor activity of olive oil tyrosol and hydroxytyrosol and their methyl carbonate derivativesFuggetta Mp; Cottarelli, A.; Lanzilli, G.; Tricarico, M.; Bernini, Roberta 
142018Leishmanicidal activity of green tea leaves and pomegranate peel extracts on L. infantumImperatori, F.; Barlozzari, G.; Scardigli, A.; Romani, A.; Macri, G.; Polinori, N.; Bernini, Roberta ; Santi, L.
152018Nanostructured starch combined with hydroxytyrosol in poly(vinyl alcohol) based ternary films as active packaging systemLuzi, F.; Fortunati, E.; Di Michele, A.; Pannucci, E.; Botticella, E.; Santi, L.; Kenny Jm; Torre, L.; Bernini, Roberta 
162013Naturally occurring hydroxytyrosolBernini, Roberta ; Merendino, Nicolo' ; Romani, A.; Velotti, Francesca Romana 
172013Naturally occurring hydroxytyrosol: synthesis and anticancer potentialBernini, Roberta ; Merendino, N.; Romani, A.; Velotti, F.
182013Novel phenotypes related to the breeding of purple-fruited tomatoes and effect of peel extracts on human cancer cell proliferationMazzucato, Andrea ; Willems, Daniela ; Bernini, Roberta ; Picarella Me; Santangelo, E.; Ruiu, F.; Tilesi, F.; Soressi Gp; Mazzuccato, A.
192016Oxidative cleavage of 1-aryl-isochroman derivatives by the Trametes villosa laccase/1-hydroxybenzotroazole systemBernini, Roberta ; Crisante, F.; Dacunzo, F.; Gentili, P.; Ussia, E.
202010Perfluoro-tagged, phosphine-free palladium nanoparticles supported on silica gelBernini, Roberta ; Cacchi, S.; Fabrizi, G.; Forte, G.; Petrucci, F.; Prastaro, A.; Niembro, S.; Shafir, A.; Vallribera, A.