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Bernabucci, Umberto
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12014Analysis of factors associated with mortality of heavy pigs during transport and lairageBernabucci, Umberto ; Vitali, A.; Lana, E.; Amadori, M.; Nardone, A.; Lacetera, N.
22018Carbon footprint of organic beef meat from farm to forkBernabucci, Umberto ; Vitali, A.; Grossi, G.; Martino, G.; Nardone, A.; Lacetera, N.
32012Chronic heat stress up-regulates leptin and adiponectin secretion and expression and improves leptin, adiponectin and insulin sensitivity in miceMorera, Patrizia ; Bernabucci, Umberto ; Patrizia Morera; Basirico, L.; Kenji; Umberto Bernabucci; Basiric√≤, L.; Hosoda, K.
42017Comparison between conjugated linoleic acid and essential fatty acids in preventing oxidative stress in bovine mammary epithelial cellsMorera, Patrizia ; Bernabucci, Umberto ; Basiric√≤, L.; Dipasquale, D.; Troescher, A.; Basiric, L.; Trscher, A.
52015Conjugated linoleic acid isomers strongly improve the redox status of bovine mammary epithelial cells (BME-UV1)Morera, Patrizia ; Bernabucci, Umberto ; Basirico, L.; Dipasquale, D.; Trscher, A.; Serra, A.; Mele, M.; Basiric√≤, L.; Tr√∂scher, A.; Basiric, L.
62017Derivation and genome-wide association study of a principal component-based measure of heat tolerance in dairy cattleBernabucci, Umberto ; Lacetera, Nicola ; Macciotta Npp; Biffani, S.; Vitali, A.; Ajmone-marsan, P.; Nardone, A.
72015The effect of calving in the summer on the hepatic transcriptome of Holstein cows during the peripartal periodMorera, Patrizia ; Bernabucci, Umberto ; Shahzad, K.; Akbar, H.; Vailati-riboni, M.; Basirico, L.; Rodriguez-zas, S. L.; Nardone, A.; Loor, J. J.; Basiric√≤, L.; Rodriguez-zas Sl; Loor Jj; Basiric, L.
82014Effect of heat stress on animal production and welfareBernabucci, Umberto ; Mele, M.
92016Effect of heat stress on non-return rate of Italian Holstein cowsBernabucci, Umberto ; Biffani, S.; Vitali, A.; Lacetera.; Nardone, A.
102015The effect of heat waves on dairy cow mortalityBernabucci, Umberto ; Lacetera, Nicola ; Vitali, A.; Felici, A.; Esposito, S.; Bertocchi, L.; Maresca, C.; Nardone, A.
112018Effect of hot season on blood parameters, fecal fermentative parameters, and occurrence of Clostridium tyrobutyricum spores in feces of lactating dairy cowsMorera, Patrizia ; Bernabucci, Umberto ; Calamari, L.; Bani, P.; Minuti, A.; Vitali, A.; Basirico, L.; Basiric, L.
122016Effect of season, month and temperature humidity index on the occurrence of clinical mastitis in dairy heifersBernabucci, Umberto ; Vitali, A.; Nardone, A.; Lacetera, N.
132015Effect of summer season on milk protein fractions in Holstein cowsBernabucci, Umberto ; Morera, Patrizia ; Basirico, L.; Dipasquale, D.; Vitali, A.; Piccioli Cappelli, F.; Calamari, L.; Basiric√≤, L.; Basiric, L.
142014The effects of heat stress in Italian Holstein dairy cattleBernabucci, Umberto ; Lacetera, Nicola ; Biffani, S.; Buggiotti, L.; Vitali, A.; Nardone, A.
152016Fate of transgenic deoxyribonucleic acid fragments in digesta and tissues of rabbits fed genetically modified soybean mealMorera, Patrizia ; Ronchi, Bruno ; Bernabucci, Umberto ; Basiric√≤, L.; Morera; P.; Basiric√í, L.; Ronchi; B.; Bernabucci; U.; Basiric, L.
162018Feeding and nutrition management of heat-stressed dairy ruminantsBernabucci, Umberto ; Conte, G.; Ciampolini, R.; Cassandro, M.; Lasagna, E.; Calamari, L.; Abeni, F.
172013Impact of hot environment on colostrum and milk compositionBernabucci, Umberto ; Morera, Patrizia ; Basirico, L.; Basiric√≤, L.
182016Impact of seasonal conditions on quality and pathogens content of milk in Friesian cowsBernabucci, Umberto ; Zeinhom, M. M. A.; Abdel Aziz, R. L.; Mohammed, A. N.
192014In vitro ACE-inhibitory activity and in vivo antihypertensive effects of water-soluble extract by Parmigiano Reggiano and Grana Padano cheesesBernabucci, Umberto ; Morera, Patrizia ; Umberto Bernabucci; Elisabetta Catalani; Basirico, L.; Patrizia Morera; Alessandro Nardone; Catalani, E.; Basiric√≤, L.; Nardone, A.; Basiric, L.
202013Lactoferrin concentration in buffalo milkBernabucci, Umberto ; Ronchi, Bruno ; Giuseppina Giacinti; Basirico, L.; Bruno Ronchi; Umberto, Bernabucci.; Giacinti; G.; Basiric√≤; L.; Ronchi; B.; Giacinti, G.; Basiric, L.