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Branca, Giacomo
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12020Water use efficiency and public goods conservation: A spatial stochasticfrontier model applied to irrigation in Southern ItalyLaureti, Tiziana ; benedetti, ilaria ; Branca, Giacomo 
22020Water use efficiency and public goods conservation: a spatial stochastic frontier model applied to the case of irrigation in Southern ItalyLaureti, T.; Benedetti, I.; Branca, Giacomo 
32016Value Chain Analysis of Climate-smart Shan Tea Production in the Northern Mountainous Region of VietnamBranca, Giacomo ; Tran, T.; Arslan, A.; Trinh, V. M.
42020Transition towards bio-based economy in small-scale agriculture in Sub-Saharan Africa through sustainable intensificationTesfai, M.; Branca, Giacomo ; Cacchiarelli, L.; Perelli, C.; Nagothu, Us
52016Synergies between food security, climate change adaptation and mitigationBranca, Giacomo ; Paolantonio, A.; Grewer, U.; Cavatassi, R.; Longwe, A.; Cattaneo, A.; Vetter, S.; Lipper, L.
62020Strategies for implementation of cellulosic ethanol value chains in Europe in the framework of circular economyTraverso, L.; Colangeli, M.; Morese, M.; Pulighe, G.; Branca, Giacomo 
72017Socio-economic analysis of improved smallholder agriculture systems in Northern Vietnam and implications for Climate-smart AgricultureBranca, Giacomo ; Arslan, A.; Paolantonio, A.; Cavatassi, R.; Mccarthy, N.; Linh, N. V.; Lipper, L.
82021Smallholder farmers’ perception of climate change and drivers of adaptation in agriculture: A case study in GuineaCeci, Paolo; Monforte, Lavinia; Perelli, Chiara; Cicatiello, Clara ; Branca, Giacomo ; Franco, Silvio ; Diallo, Fatoumata Binta Sombily; Blasi, Emanuele ; Scarascia Mugnozza, Giuseppe 
92016Regulatory policy and economic implications of GMO in agriculture ‚Äì a reviewSorrentino, A.; Cacchiarelli, L.; Branca, Giacomo 
102022Promoting sustainable change of smallholders’ agriculture in Africa: Policy and institutional implications from a socio-economic cross-country comparative analysisBranca, Giacomo ; Cacchiarelli, Luca ; Haug, Ruth; Sorrentino, Alessandro 
112016Profits versus jobs: Evaluating alternative biofuel value-chains in TanzaniaBranca, Giacomo ; Cacchiarelli, Luca ; Maltsoglou, Irini; Rincon, Luis; Sorrentino, Alessandro ; Valle, Stefano
122016Producing Biofuels in Low-Income Countries: An Integrated Environmental and Economic Assessment for TanzaniaThurlow, James; Branca, Giacomo ; Felix, Erika; Maltsoglou, Irini; Rincón, Luis E.
132020On positive externalities of water use in irrigated agriculture: an overviewNatali, F.; Branca, Giacomo 
142020On positive externalities from irrigated agriculture and their policy implications: An overviewNatali, Fabiana; Branca, Giacomo 
152020On positive externalities from irrigated agriculture and their policy implications: An overviewNatali, Fabiana; Branca, Giacomo 
162017Identifying strategies to enhance the resilience of smallholder farming systemsCacho, O.; Paolantonio, A.; Branca, Giacomo ; Cavatassi, R.; Arslan, A.; Lipper, L.
172012Identifying opportunities for climate-smart agriculture investments in AfricaBranca, Giacomo ; Tennigkeit, T.; Mann, W.; Lipper, L.
182014How do we actually change the business as usual management of agricultural systems?Arslan, A.; Mann, W.; Mccarthy, N.; Paolantonio, A.; Phiri, G.; Spairani, A.; Asfaw, S.; Branca, Giacomo ; Cattaneo, A.; Cavatassi, R.; Grewer, U.; Kokwe, M.; Van Linh, N.; Lipper, L.
192018Household livelihoods and the uptake of improved forest management practices: A case study in GuineaCeci P; Cicatiello, Clara ; Monforte; Blasi, Emanuele ; Franco, Silvio ; Branca, Giacomo ; Scarascia Mugnozza, Giuseppe 
202013Food security, climate change and sustainable land management. A reviewBranca, Giacomo ; Mccarthy, N.; Lipper, L.; Jolejole Mc