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Branca, Giacomo
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12013Capturing synergies between rural development and agricultural mitigationBranca, Giacomo ; Hissa, H.; Benez, M. C.; Medeiros, K.; Lipper, L.; Bernoux, M.
22015Combining bioenergy and food securityMaltsoglou Irini; Thofern Heiner; Kojakovic Ana; Rincon Luis, E.; Felix Erika; Branca, Giacomo ; Valle Stefano; Gianvenuti Arturo; Rossi Andrea; Thulstrup Andreas
32015Cost-effectiveness of climate-related agricultural investments in developing countriesBranca, Giacomo ; Lipper Leslie; Sorrentino, Alessandro ; Lipper, L.
42013Food security, climate change and sustainable land management. A reviewBranca, Giacomo ; Mccarthy, N.; Lipper, L.; Jolejole Mc
52016Producing Biofuels in Low-Income CountriesThurlow; James; Branca, Giacomo ; Felix; Erika; Maltsoglou; Irini; Rincon; Luis, E.
62016Profits versus jobsBranca, Giacomo ; Cacchiarelli, Luca ; Maltsoglou, I.; Rincon, L.; Sorrentino, Alessandro ; Valle, S.