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Borocci, Stefano
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12015Bimolecular homolytic substitutions at nitrogenAntoniotti, P.; Benzi, P.; Borocci, Stefano ; Demaria, C.; Giordani, M.; Gandinetti, F.; Operti, L.; Rabezzana, R.; Grandinetti, Felice 
22015Bonding Motifs of Noble-Gas Compounds as Described by Local Electron Energy DensityBorocci, Stefano ; Giordani, M.; Grandinetti, F.
32006Cationic Germanium FluoridesBorocci, Stefano ; Bronzolino, N.; Giordani, M.; Grandinetti, F.
42006Cationic Germanium Fluorides. 2. An Experimental and Theoretical Investigation on the Reaction between GeF+ and H2OAntoniotti, P.; Rabezzana, P.; Borocci, Stefano ; Bronzolino, N.; Giordani, M.; Grandinetti, F.
52010Cationic Noble Gas HydridesBorocci, Stefano ; Bronzolino, N.; Giordani, M.; Grandinetti, F.
62011Cationic noble gas hydrides-2Borocci, Stefano ; Giordani, M.; Grandinetti, F.
72001Characterization of Mixed Monolayers of Phosphatidylcholine and a Novel Cationic Lipid SS-1 with a Langmuir Balance. Effects of DNASaily, M.; Ryahnen , S. J.; Holopainen , J. M.; Borocci, Stefano ; Mancini, G.; Kinnunen , P. K. J.
82009Chiral recognition in biomembrane modelsBorocci, Stefano ; Ceccacci, F.; Cruciani, O.; Mancini, G.; Sorrenti, A.
92004Chiral Recognition of Dipeptides in a Biomembrane ModelBombelli, C.; Borocci, Stefano ; Lupi, F.; Mancini, G.; Mannina, L.; Segre , A. L.; Viel, S.
102008Chiral recognition of dipeptides in bio-membrane modelsBombelli, C.; Borocci, Stefano ; Cruciani, O.; Mancini, G.; Monti, D.; Segre , A. L.; Sorrenti, A.; Venanzi, M.
112006Chiral Recognition of Dipeptides in Phosphatidylcholine AggregatesCruciani, O.; Borocci, Stefano ; Lamanna, R.; Mancini, G.; Segre , A. L.
122008Cl-Initiated oxidation of N-ethyl-perfluoroalkanesulfonamidesAntoniotti, P.; Borocci, Stefano ; Giordani, M.; Grandinetti, F.
132005Comment on Computational Investigation of SO3-NH3-nXn (n= 0-3; X=F, Cl) InteractionsAntoniotti, P.; Borocci, Stefano ; Grandinetti, F.
142017Complexation of short ds RNA/DNA oligonucleotides with Gemini micellesFalsini, S.; Di Cola, E.; In, M.; Giordani, M.; Borocci, Stefano ; Ristori, S.
152015Complexes of the noble gases with H3O+Borocci, Stefano ; Cecchi, P.; Giordani, M.; Grandinetti, Felice 
162015Complexes of XeHXe+ with simple ligandsBorocci, Stefano ; Giordani, M.; Grandinetti, Felice ; Borocci; S.; M.
172004A Computational Investigation on HCN2+ Isomeric StructuresAntoniotti, P.; Borocci, Stefano ; Bronzolino, N.; Grandinetti, F.
181999Conformational Behavior of Aqueous Micelles of Sodium N-Dodecanoyl-L-prolinateBorocci, Stefano ; Mancini, G.; Cerichelli, G.; Luchetti, L.
192003Deracemization of an Axially Chiral Biphenylic Derivative as a Tool for Investigating Chiral Recognition in Self-AssembliesBorocci, Stefano ; Ceccacci, F.; Galantini, L.; Mancini, G.; Monti, D.; Scipioni, A.; Venanzi, M.
201998Deracemization of an Axially Chiral Biphenylic Structure in Chiral Micellar AggregatesBorocci, Stefano ; Erba, M.; Mancini, G.; Scipioni, A.