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Borocci, Stefano
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12011Xenon-Nitrogen ChemistryOperti, L.; Rabezzana, R.; Turco, F.; Borocci, Stefano ; Giordani, M.; Grandinetti, F.
22015VUV Photofragmentation of CH2I2Cartoni, A.; Casavola , A. R.; Bolognesi, P.; Borocci, Stefano ; Avaldi, L.
32013Synthesis and Physicochemical Characterization of Pyrrolidinium Based SurfactantsBartoloni, A.; Sperduto, C.; Bombelli, C.; Borocci, Stefano ; Bonicelli , M. G.; Galantini, L.; Giansanti, L.; Ierino, M.; Mancini, G.; Muschietti, A.
42003Surface Charge Density Determines the Efficiency of Cationic Gemini Surfactant Based LipofectionRyhanen , S. J.; Saily , M. J.; Paukku, T.; Borocci, Stefano ; Mancini, G.; Holopainen , J. M.; Kinnunen , P. K. J.
52002Structural Effects on the NaOCl Epoxidation of Styrene in Micellar Media Catalysed by Amphiphilised Mn(III)MetalloporphyrinsMonti, D.; Pastorini, A.; Mancini, G.; Borocci, Stefano ; Tagliatesta, P.
62003Spectroscopic Studies on the Selective Inclusion of Amphiphilized Porphyrin Derivatives in Micellar PhasesMonti, D.; Pastorini, A.; Venanzi, M.; Borocci, Stefano ; Mancini, G.
72001Selectivity in the Oxidation of Limonene by Amphiphilized Metalloporphyrins in Micellar MediaBorocci, Stefano ; Marotti, F.; Mancini, G.; Monti, D.; Pastorini, A.
82011Segregation into Domains Observed in Liquid Crystal PhasesAmenitsch, H.; Rappolt, M.; Bombelli, C.; Borocci, Stefano ; Caminiti, R.; Ceccacci, F.; Concilio, S.; La Mesa, C.; Mancini, G.; Piotto, S.
92004SBeNg, SBNg+, SCNg2+ Complexes (Ng= He, Ne, Ar)Borocci, Stefano ; Bronzolino, N.; Grandinetti, F.
102006Role of the Spacer Stereochemistry on the Aggregation Properties of Cationic Gemini SurfactantsBello, C.; Bombelli, C.; Borocci, Stefano ; Di Profio, P.; Mancini, G.
112005Role of the Spacer of Cationic Gemini Amphiphiles in the Condensation of DNABombelli, C.; Borocci, Stefano ; Diociaiuti, M.; Faggioli, F.; Galantini, L.; Luciani, P.; Mancini, G.; Sacco , M. G.
122015Role of the Hydrophilic Spacer of Glucosylated Amphiphiles Included in Liposome Formulation in the Recognition of Concanavalin AMauceri, A.; Mancini, G.; Fracassi, A.; Dabramo, M.; Borocci, Stefano ; Giansanti, L.; Piozzi, A.; Galantini, L.; Martino, A.; Daiuto, V.
132014Recognition of Concanavalin A by Cationic Glycosilated LiposomesMauceri, A.; Borocci, Stefano ; Galantini, L.; Giansanti, L.; Mancini, G.; Martino, A.; Salvati Manni, L.; Sperduto, C.
141999Recognition in Organized Aggregates Formed by a Chiral Amidic SurfactantBella, J.; Borocci, Stefano ; Mancini, G.
152009Positive ion chemistry of SiH4/NF3 gaseous mixtures studied by ion trap mass spectrometryAntoniotti, P.; Operti, L.; Rabezzana, R.; Turco, F.; Borocci, Stefano ; Grandinetti, F.
162011Positive Ion Chemistry of SiH4/GeF4 Gaseous Mixtures Studied by Ion Trap Mass Spectrometry and Ab Initio CalculationsOperti, L.; Rabezzana, R.; Turco, F.; Borocci, Stefano ; Giordani, M.; Grandinetti, F.
172016Position does matterBolognesi, P.; Masi, M.; Marinkovic, B.; Prince, K.; Avaldi, L.; Casavola , A. R.; Cartoni, A.; Richter, R.; Markus, P.; Borocci, Stefano ; Chiarinelli, J.; Tosic, S.; Saadeh, H.
182004OBHe+Borocci, Stefano ; Bronzolino, N.; Grandinetti, F.
192007Noble-Gas ComplexesBorocci, Stefano ; Bronzolino, N.; Grandinetti, F.
202008Noble gas-sulfur anionsBorocci, Stefano ; Bronzolino, N.; Grandinetti, F.