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Barbanera, M.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12007Valorizzazione energetica degli scarti di potatura dei vignetiCavalaglio, G.; Cotana, S.; Barbanera, Marco ; Giraldi, D.
22015Thermogravimetric analysis of the behavior of sub-bituminous coal and cellulosic ethanol residue during co-combustionBuratti, C.; Barbanera, Marco ; Bartocci, P.; Fantozzi, F.
32015Thermogravimetric analysis of the behavior of sub-bituminous coal and cellulosic ethanol residue during co-combustionBuratti, C; Barbanera, M ; Bartocci, P; Fantozzi, F
42017Thermal degradation of driftwood: Determination of the concentration of sodium, calcium, magnesium, chlorine and sulfur containing compoundsBartocci Pietro; Cotana Franco; Fantozzi Francesco; Barbanera, Marco ; Damico Michele; Laranci Paolo; Cavalaglio Gianluca; Gelosia Mattia; Ingles David; Bidini Gianni; Buratti Cinzia
52016Thermal Conductivity Measurements By Means of a New Small Hot-Box Apparatus: Manufacturing, Calibration and Preliminary Experimental Tests on Different MaterialsBuratti, C.; Belloni, E.; Lunghi, L.; Barbanera, Marco 
62016Thermal behaviour and kinetic study of the olive oil production chain residues and their mixtures during co-combustionBuratti Cinzia; Mousavi Soraya Sadat; Barbanera, Marco ; Lascaro Elisa; Cotana Franco; Bufacchi, M.
72016Sustainable new brick and thermo-acoustic insulation panel from mineralization of stranded driftwood residuesPisello Anna Laura; Fabiani Claudia; Makaremi Nastaran; Castaldo Veronica Lucia; Cavalaglio Gianluca; Nicolini Andrea; Barbanera, Marco ; Cotana Franco
82009Studio di fattibilit di un impianto di digestione anaerobica nel Comune di Castiglione del LagoBuratti, C.; Barbanera, Marco ; Fantozzi, F.
92014Strategie di impiego del materiale ligneo depositato sugli areniliCotana, F.; Barbanera, Marco ; Pisello, A. L.
102020Reuse of leather scraps for insulation panels: Technical and environmental feasibility evaluationMarconi, Marco ; Barbanera, Marco ; CalabrĂ², Giuseppe ; Baffo, ilaria 
112020Recycled leather cutting waste-based boards: thermal, acoustic, hygrothermal and ignitability propertiesBarbanera, Marco ; Belloni, E.; Buratti, C.; CalabrĂ², Giuseppe ; Marconi, Marco ; Merli, F.; Armentano, Ilaria 
122017Pyrolysis of pellets made with biomass and glycerol: Kinetic analysis and evolved gas analysisBartocci, P.; Anca-Couce, A.; Slopiecka, K.; Nefkens, S.; Evic, N.; Retschitzegger, S.; Barbanera, M. ; Buratti, C.; Cotana, F.; Bidini, G.; Fantozzi, F.
132010PRESTAZIONI TERMICHE DI INFISSI IN LEGNOMariani, R.; Moretti, E.; Barbanera, Marco 
142015Preliminary optimization of alkaline pretreatment for ethanol production from vineyard pruningCotana Franco; Barbanera, Marco ; Foschini Daniele; Lascaro Elisa; Buratti Cinzia
152021Polymer Materials for Respiratory Protection: Processing, End Use, and Testing MethodsArmentano, Ilaria ; Barbanera, Marco ; Carota, Eleonora; Crognale, Silvia ; Marconi, Marco ; Rossi, Stefano ; Rubino, Gianluca ; Scungio, Mauro ; Taborri Juri; CalabrĂ², Giuseppe 
162014An original tool for checking energy performance and certification of buildings by means of Artificial Neural NetworksBuratti, C.; Barbanera, Marco ; Palladino, D.
172018Optimization of torrefaction conditions of coffee industry residues using desirability function approachBuratti Cinzia; Barbanera, Marco ; Lascaro Elisa; Cotana Franco
182015Optimization of the steam explosion and enzymatic hydrolysis for sugars production from oak woodsCotana, F.; Buratti, C.; Barbanera, Marco ; Lascaro, E.
192018Optimization of bioethanol production from steam exploded hornbeam wood (Ostrya carpinifolia) by enzymatic hydrolysisBarbanera, Marco ; Lascaro, E.; Foschini, D.; Cotana, F.; Buratti, C.
202016Lignocellulosic Ethanol Production from the Recovery of Stranded Driftwood ResiduesCavalaglio Gianluca; Gelosia Mattia; Dantonio Silvia; Nicolini Andrea; Pisello Anna; Barbanera, Marco ; Cotana Franco