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Bellincontro, Andrea
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12021Volatile organic compounds in sweet passito wines as markers of grape dehydration/withering/drying processBellincontro A. ; Pollon M.; Río Segade S.; Rolle L.; Mencarelli F.
22010Variabili microambientali, gestione agronomica del vigneto e qualit delluva ai fini dellappassimentoBiasi, R.; Cirigliano, P.; Di Francesco, G.; Botti, F.; Bellincontro, Andrea ; Mencarelli, F.
32015Uva, controllare la maturazione posticipando la potatura invernalePalliotti, A.; Tombesi, S.; Frioni, T.; Soccolini, M.; Bellincontro, Andrea ; Gatti, M.; Poni, S.; Lanari, V.; Silvestroni, O.
42020Using UAV‐based Remote Sensing to Assess Grapevine Canopy Damages Due to Fire SmokeBrunori, Elena ; Maesano, Mauro ; Moresi, Federico V.; Antolini, Adriano; Bellincontro, Andrea ; Forniti, Roberto; Biasi, Rita ; Mencarelli, Fabio
52021Using an electronic nose and volatilome analysis to differentiate sparkling wines obtained under different conditions of temperature, ageing time and yeast formatsMartínez-García R.; Moreno J.; Bellincontro A. ; Centioni L.; Puig-Pujol A.; Peinado R.A.; Mauricio J.C.; García-Martínez T.
62021Use of water and ethanol extracts from wine grape seed pomace to prepare an antioxidant toothpasteEmmulo E.; Ceccantoni B.; Bellincontro A. ; Mencarelli F.
72009Use of NIR-AOTF spectroscopy and MRI for quality detection of whole hazelnutsBellincontro, Andrea ; A.; Mencarelli; F.; Forniti; R.; Valentini , M.
82005Use Of NIR Technique To Measure The Acidity And The Water Content Of HazelnutsBellincontro, Andrea ; Fracas, A.; Dinatale, C.; Esposito, G.; Anelli, G.; Mencarelli, F.
92012Use of electronic nose, validated by GC-MS, to establish the optimum off-vine dehydration time of wine grapesLopez De Lerma; N.; Bellincontro, Andrea ; Mencarelli; F.; Moreno; J.; Peinado; R. A.
102011Time of Vine Defoliation Affects the Nebbiolo Grape during Postharvest Dehydration for Wine ProductionBellincontro, Andrea ; Botondi, Rinaldo ; Forniti, R.; Mencarelli, F.
112021Time of Postharvest Ethylene Treatments Affects Phenols, Anthocyanins, and Volatile Compounds of Cesanese Red Wine GrapeDe Santis, Diana ; Bellincontro, Andrea ; Forniti, Roberto; Botondi, Rinaldo 
122021Time of postharvest ethylene treatments affects phenols, anthocyanins, and volatile compounds of cesanese red wine grapeDe Santis, Diana ; Bellincontro, Andrea ; Forniti, Roberto; Botondi, Rinaldo 
132020The effect of flotation and vegetal fining agents on the aromatic characteristics of Malvasia del Lazio (Vitis vinifera L.) winePettinelli, S.; Pollon, M.; Costantini, L.; Bellincontro, Andrea ; Río Segade, S.; Rolle, L.; Mencarelli, F.
142022The beneficial effect of leaf removal during fruit set on physiological, biochemical, and qualitative indices and volatile organic compound profile of the Cypriot reference cultivar 'Xynisteri'Georgiadou, Egli C; Mina, Minas; Neoptolemou, Varnavas; Koundouras, Stefanos; D'Onofrio, Claudio; Bellincontro, Andrea ; Mencarelli, Fabio; Fotopoulos, Vasileios; Manganaris, George A
152012Temperature and water loss affect ADH activity and gene expression in grape berry during postharvest dehydrationCirilli, M.; Desantis, D.; Bellincontro, Andrea ; De Santis, Diana ; Botondi, Rinaldo ; Colao Mc; Muleo, Rosario ; Mencarelli, Fabio ; Colao, M. C.; Colao , M. C.
162013Technology and Management of Postharvest DehydrationMencarelli, F.; Bellincontro, Andrea 
172009Technological parameters of water curing affect postharvest physiology and storage of marrons (Castanea sativa Mill., Marrone fiorentino)Botondi, Rinaldo ; Vailati, M.; Bellincontro, Andrea ; Massantini, R.; Forniti, R.; Mencarelli, F.; R.
182012Spettroscopia NIR-AOTFBarnaba Fe; Bellincontro, Andrea ; Mencarelli, F.
192006Sorting of Apricots with Computer Screen Photoassisted Spectral Reflectance Analysis and Electronic NoseDi Natale, C.; Filippini, D.; Pennazza, G.; Santonico, M.; Paolesse, R.; Bellincontro, Andrea ; Mencarelli, F.; Damico, A.; Lundstrm, I.
202016Sensoristica prossimale per guardare e rilevare ma anche agire e interagireMencarelli, F.; Bellincontro, Andrea