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Belfiore, Carlo
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12012New species in the old world: Europe as a frontier in biodiversity exploration, a Test Bed for 21st century taxonomyFontaine, B.; Bailly, N.; Balsamo, M.; Bank Rak; Belfiore, Carlo ; Bogdanowicz, W.; Boxshall, G.; Burckhardt, D.; Chylarecki, P.; Deharveng, L.; Dubois, A.; Van Achterberg, K.; Enghoff, H.; Fochetti, R.; Fontaine, C.; Gargominy, O.; Lopez Msg; Goujet, D.; Harvey Ms; Heller K-g; Van Helsdingen, P.; Hoch, H.; Alonso-zarazaga Ma; De Jong, Y.; Karsholt, O.; Los Wy Magowski, W.; Massard Ja; Mcinnes Sj; Mendes Lf; Mey, E.; Michelsen, V.; Minelli, A.; Nafria Jmn; Araujo, R.; Van Nieukerken Ej; Pape, T.; De Prins, W.; Ramos, M.; Ricci, C.; Roselaar, C.; Rota, E.; Segers, H.; Timm, T.; Van Tol, J.; Asche, M.; Bouchet, P.; Asp√ñck, H.; Asp√ñck, U.; Audisio, P.; Aukema, B.
22015The first record of Ametropus fragilis Albarda , 1878(Insecta: Ephemeroptera) from CroatiaƑüuk, R.; Ƒåmrlec, K.; Belfiore, Carlo 
32015DNA barcode assessment of Mediterranean mayflies (Ephemeroptera), benchmark data for a regional reference library for rapid biomonitoring of freshwatersCardoni, S.; Tenchini, R.; Ficulle, I.; Piredda, R.; Simeone, Marco Cosimo ; Belfiore, Carlo 
42016Detecting the impact of bank and channel modification on invertebrate communities in Mediterranean temporary streams (Sardinia, SW Italy)Buffagni, A.; Tenchini, R.; Cazzola, M.; Erba, S.; Balestrini, R.; Belfiore, Carlo ; Pagnotta, R.
52016Cryptic diversity and multiple origins of the widespread mayfly species group Baetis rhodani (Ephemeroptera: Baetidae) on northwestern Mediterranean islands. ECOLOGY AND EVOLUTION, p. 1-10,Bisconti, R.; Canestrelli; Tenchini, R.; Belfiore, Carlo ; Buffagni, A.; Nascetti, G.
62012A comparison of macroinvertebrate and diatom responses to anthropogenic stress in small sized volcanic siliceous streams of Central Italy (Mediterranean Ecoregion)Pace, G.; Della Bella, V.; Barile, M.; Andreani, P.; Mancini, L.; Belfiore, Carlo 
72012Benthic diatom assemblages and their response to human stress in small-sized volcanic-siliceous streams of central Italy (Mediterranean eco-region). HYDROBIOLOGIA,Della Bella, V.; Belfiore, Carlo ; Mancini, L.; Pace, G.; Barile, M.; Zedde, A.; Puccinelli, C.; Ciadamidaro, S.; Danieli, P.; Andreani, P.; Aulicino Fa