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2019Estimating Maximum Daily Precipitation in the Upper Vistula Basin, PolandMłyński D.; Wałęga A.; Petroselli, Andrea ; Tauro, Flavia ; Cebulska M.
2018Flood frequency analysis by an event-based rainfall-runoff model in selected catchments of southern PolandMłyński D.,; Petroselli, Andrea ; Wałęga A.
2020New approach for determining the quantiles of maximum annual flows in uncontrolled catchments using the EBA4SUB modelMłyński D.; Wałęga A.; Ozga-Zielinski B.; Ciupak M.; Petroselli, Andrea 
2020New insights on flood mapping procedure: two case studies in PolandPetroselli, Andrea ; Młyński D.; Florek J.; Książek L.; Wałęga A.
2020Possibility of using selected rainfall-runoff models for determining the design hydrograph in mountainous catchments: a case study in PolandMłyński D.; Wałęga A.; Książek L.; Florek J.; Petroselli, Andrea 
2018Verification of empirical formulas for calculating annual peak flows with specific return period in upper Vistula basinMłyński D.,; Wałęga A.; Petroselli, Andrea