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2021Application of DNA barcoding confirms the female, male, larva and host of Bocchus scobiolae Nagy (Hymenoptera: Dryinidae)Olmi, Massimo; Mita, Toshiharu; Guglielmino, Adalgisa ; Vollaro, Massimo; Vàri, Gabor
2022DNA barcoding of Aphelopus Dalman (Hymenoptera, Dryinidae) from China, with descriptions of four new species.Olmi, Massimo; Chen, Hua-Yan; Guglielmino, Adalgisa ; Ødegaard, Frode; Vollaro, Massimo; Capradossi, Leonardo; Liu, Jing-Xian
2008Parasitization behaviour and postembryonic development in the subfamily Gonatopodinae (Hymenoptera Dryinidae).Guglielmino, Adalgisa; Virla, Eduardo; Moya-Raygoza, Gustavo; Olmi, Massimo; Vollaro, Massimo
2011Revision of fossil species of Dryinus belonging to constans group, with description of a new species (Hymenoptera, Dryinidae).Olmi, Massimo; Guglielmino, Adalgisa; Vollaro, Massimo