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2022An Updated List of Rock Partridge (Alectoris graeca) Haplotypes from the Apennines—Central ItalyBrustenga, Leonardo; Viola, Paolo; Girotti, Pedro; Amici, Andrea ; Rossetti, Alessandro; Chiesa, Stefania; Primi, Riccardo ; Esposito, Luigi; Lucentini, Livia
2021Anthropogenic and Environmental Factors Determining Local Favourable Conditions for Wolves during the Cold SeasonViola, Paolo; Adriani, Settimio; Rossi, Carlo Maria; Franceschini, Cinzia; Primi, Riccardo ; Apollonio, Marco; Amici, Andrea 
2022Does the Wolf (Canis lupus) Exhibit Human Habituation Behaviours after Rehabilitation and Release into the Wild? A Case Report from Central ItalyViola, Paolo; Girotti, Pedro; Adriani, Settimio; Ronchi, Bruno ; Zaccaroni, Marco; Primi, Riccardo 
2019Effect of intensive rearing on functional morphology: A case study with the rock partridge (Alectoris graeca graeca)Viola, Paolo; Primi, Riccardo; Gabbianelli, Federica; Danieli, Pier Paolo; Lucentini, Livia; Amici, Andrea 
2020First evidence of heteroplasmy in Grey Partridge (Perdix perdix)Pizzirani, Claudia; Viola, Paolo; Gabbianelli, Federica; Fagotti, Anna; Simoncelli, Francesca; Di Rosa, Ines; Salvi, Paolo; Amici, Andrea ; Lucentini, Livia
2022Mismatches between Morphology and DNA in Italian Partridges May Not Be Explained Only by Recent Artificial Release of Farm-Reared BirdsFontaneto, Diego; Viola, Paolo; Pizzirani, Claudia; Chiesa, Stefania; Rossetti, Alessandro; Amici, Andrea ; Lucentini, Livia
2019Spatial overlap of wild and domestic herbivories in dry mountain grassland of Central Apennine, ItalyPalli, J. ; Orazi, V.; Chaboteaux, E.; Collepardi, I.; Amici, Andrea ; Rossi, C. M.; Viola, Paolo; Ronchi, Bruno ; Primi, Riccardo
28-Jun-2016The Rock partridge (Alectoris graeca): some studies on the Apennine Management Unit (MU)Viola, Paolo
2023Using an portable gas analayzer to monitoring soil respiration in Mediterranean garrigues with extensive livestock systemSpina, Raffaello; Grossi, Giampiero; Priori, Simone ; Vitali, Andrea; Ronchi, Bruno ; Viola, Paolo; Danieli, Pier Paolo; Primi, Riccardo