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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Analysis of woody biomass obtainable from Abruzzo forestsPicchio, Rodolfo ; Pari, Luigi; Venanzi, Rachele; Latterini, Francesco; Suardi, Alessandro; Alfano, Vincenzo
2020Applications of GIS-Based Software to Improve the Sustainability of a Forwarding Operation in Central ItalyPicchio, Rodolfo ; Latterini, Francesco; Mederski Piotr, S.; Tocci, Damiano; Venanzi, Rachele; Stefanoni, Walter; Pari, Luigi
2019Changes in soil parameters of forests after windstorms and timber extractionPicchio, Rodolfo ; Ramin; Venanzi, Rachele; Tavankar, Farzam; Luchenti, Irene; Bodaghi, Afraz Iranparast; Latterini, Francesco; Nikooy, Mehrdad; Di, Marzio; Nicolò, Naghdi
2020A Comparative Analysis of Two Cable Yarder Technologies Performing Thinning Operations on a 33 Year Old Pine Plantation: A Potential Source of Wood for EnergyPicchio, Rodolfo ; Venanzi, Rachele; Di, Marzio; Nicolò, Tocci; Damiano, Tavankar; Farzam
2019Comparing accuracy of three methods based on the gis environment for determining winching areasPicchio, Rodolfo ; Latterini, Francesco; Mederski Piotr, S.; Venanzi, Rachele; Karaszewski, Zbigniew; Bembenek, Mariusz; Croce, Michele
2016Dendrochemical investigation on hexachlorohexane isomers (HCHs) in poplars by integrated study of micro-Fourier transform infrared spectrometry and gas chromatographyBernini, Roberta ; Pelosi, Claudia ; Carastro, Isabella; Venanzi, Rachele; Alfredo Di Filippo ; Piovesan, Gianluca ; Ronchi, Bruno ; Danieli, Pier Paolo 
2019Detailed Analysis of Residual Stand Damage Due to Winching on Steep TerrainsPicchio, Rodolfo ; Tavankar, Farzam; Bonyad, Amireslam; Mederski Piotr, S.; Venanzi, Rachele; Nikooy, Mehrdad
2016From landsat to leafhoppers: A multidisciplinary approach for sustainable stocking assessment and ecological monitoring in mountain grasslands.Primi, Riccardo ; Filibeck, Goffredo ; Amici, Andrea ; Bückle, Christoph; Cancellieri, Laura ; Di Filippo, Alfredo ; Gentile, Carmelo; Guglielmino, Adalgisa ; Latini, Roberta; Mancini, Leone Davide; Mensing, Scott Andrew; Rossi, Carlo Maria; Rossini, Francesco ; Scoppola, Anna ; Sulli, Cinzia; Venanzi, Rachele; Ronchi, Bruno ; Piovesan, Gianluca 
2020Italian coppices and their economic incomePicchio, Rodolfo ; Pari, Luigi; Venanzi, Rachele; Latterini, Francesco; Suardi, Alessandro; Alfano, Vincenzo; Bergonzoli, Stefano
2020A new mobile kiln prototype for charcoal productionPicchio, Rodolfo ; Pari, Luigi; Venanzi, Rachele; Latterini, Francesco; Suardi, Alessandro; Alfano, Vincenzo; Bergonzoli, Stefano
2020Pellet Production from Woody and Non-Woody Feedstocks: A Review on Biomass Quality EvaluationPicchio, Rodolfo ; Latterini, Francesco; Venanzi, Rachele; Stefanoni, Walter; Suardi, Alessandro; Tocci, Damiano; Pari, Luigi
2019Post-harvest evaluation of soil physical properties and natural regeneration growth in steep-slope terrainsSohrabi, Hadi; Jourgholami, Meghdad; Tavankar, Farzam; Venanzi, Rachele; Picchio, Rodolfo 
2016Silvicultural and logging impact on soil characteristics in Chestnut (Castanea sativa Mill.) Mediterranean coppiceVenanzi, Rachele; Picchio, Rodolfo ; Piovesan, Gianluca 
2019Snow damages on trees of an uneven age in mixed broadleaf forests: effects of topographical conditions and tree characteristicsTavankar, Farzam; Lo Monaco, Angela ; Nikooy, Mehrdad; Venanzi, Rachele; Bonyad, Amireslam; Picchio, Rodolfo 
2019Soil and forest regeneration after different extraction methods in coppice forestsVenanzi, Rachele; Picchio, Rodolfo ; Grigolato, Stefano; Latterini, Francesco
2020Soil Disturbance and Recovery after Coppicing a Mediterranean Oak Stand: The Effects of Silviculture and TechnologyVenanzi, Rachele; Picchio, Rodolfo ; Spinelli, Raffaele; Grigolato, Stefano
2020Soil Disturbance Induced by Silvicultural Treatment in Chestnut (Castanea sativa Mill.) Coppice and Post-Disturbance RecoveryVenanzi, Rachele; Picchio, Rodolfo ; Grigolato, Stefano; Spinelli, Raffaele
2020Soil Recovery Assessment after Timber Harvesting Based on the Sustainable Forest Operation (SFO) Perspective in Iranian Temperate ForestsSohrabi, Hadi; Jourgholami, Meghdad; Jafari, Mohammad; Shabanian, Naghi; Venanzi, Rachele; Tavankar, Farzam; Picchio, Rodolfo 
2019Sustainability assessment of alternative strip clear cutting operations for wood chip production in renaturalization management of pine standsSchweier, Janine; Blagojevic, Boško; Venanzi, Rachele; Latterini, Francesco; Picchio, Rodolfo 
2021The effects of soil moisture on harvesting operations in populus spp. Plantations: Specific focus on costs, energy balance and ghg emissionsTavankar, Farzam; Nikooy, Mehrdad; Latterini, Francesco; Venanzi, Rachele; BIANCHINI, LEONARDO ; Picchio, Rodolfo