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2020An industrial and sustainable platform for the production of standardized powders and extracts enriched in polyphenols from Olea europaea L. and Vitis vinifera L. wastes: an opportunity for the biological and biomedical applicationsRomani, Annalisa; Campo, Margherira; Urciuoli, Silvia; Marrone, Giulia; Noce, Annalisa; Bernini, Roberta 
2019Health effects of phenolic compounds found in extra-virgin olive oil, by-products, and leaf of Olea europaea L.Romani, Annalisa; Ieri, Francesca; Urciuoli, Silvia; Noce, Annalisa; Marrone, Giulia; Nediani, Chiara; Bernini, Roberta 
2021Hydroxytyrosol and Oleuropein-Enriched Extracts Obtained from Olive Oil Wastes and By-Products as Active Antioxidant Ingredients for Poly (Vinyl Alcohol)-Based FilmsLuzi, Francesca; Pannucci, Elisa; Clemente, Mariangela; Grande, Edoardo; Urciuoli, Silvia; Romani, Annalisa; Torre, Luigi; Puglia, Debora; Bernini, Roberta ; Santi, Luca 
2020Potential beneficial effects of extra virgin olive oils characterized by high content in minor polar compounds in nephropathic patients: a pilot studyRomani, Annalisa; Bernini, Roberta ; Noce, Annalisa; Urciuoli, Silvia; Di Lauro, Manuela; Pietroboni Zaitseva, Anna; Marrone, Giulia; Di Daniele, Nicola