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2020Growth Rate and Acceleration Analysis of the COVID-19 Pandemic Reveals the Effect of Public Health Measures in Real TimeUtsunomiya, Yuri Tani; Utsunomiya, Adam Taiti Harth; Torrecilha, Rafaela Beatriz Pintor; Paulan, Silvana de Cássia; Milanesi, Marco ; Garcia, José Fernando
2019Hornless Nellore cattle (Bos indicus) carrying a novel 110 kbp duplication variant of the polled locusUtsunomiya, Yuri Tani; Torrecilha, Rafaela Beatriz Pintor; Milanesi, Marco ; Paulan, Silvana de Cássia; Utsunomiya, Adam Taiti Harth; Garcia, José Fernando