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2015Characterization of new selections of anthocyanin-rich tomatoesMazzucato, Andrea ; Picarella Me; Guerri, C.; Tilesi, F.; Soressi Gp
2009Design and validation of siRNA and shRNATilesi, F.; Frediani, P.; Socci, V.; Willems, Daniela ; Ascenzioni, F.
2012Novel anthocyanin biofactories from the breeding of purple-fruited tomatoesMazzucato, A.; Willems, D.; Bernini, Roberta ; Picarella Me; Santangelo, E.; Tilesi, F.; Soressi Gp
2013Novel phenotypes related to the breeding of purple-fruited tomatoes and effect of peel extracts on human cancer cell proliferationMazzucato, Andrea ; Willems, Daniela ; Bernini, Roberta ; Picarella Me; Santangelo, E.; Ruiu, F.; Tilesi, F.; Soressi Gp; Mazzuccato, A.
2014Promoter polymorphisms in genes involved in porcine myogenesis influence their transcriptional activityBongiorni, S.; Buongiorni, S.; Bircogna, S.; Dandrea Ms; Tilesi, F.; Bicorgna, S.; Iacoponi, F.; Willems, Daniela ; Gargani, M.; Dandrea, M.; Pilla, F.; Valentini, Alessio 
2010Telomere Lenght Diversity in Cattle BreedTilesi, F.; Di Domenico, E. G.; Pariset, L.; Bosco, L.; Willems, Daniela ; Valentini, A.; Ascenzioni, F.