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2008Are biological clock and photoreceptors involved in the regulation of pear pathogen related genes?Sgamma, T.; Massiah, A. J.; Thomas, B.; Giliano, G.; Muleo, Rosario 
1994Differential exhibition of photoreversible phytochrome in callus from two woody species, Actinidia deliciosa and Olea europaeaMuleo, Rosario ; Rugini, E.; Thomas, B.
2013Ectopic expression of arabidopsis phytochrome B in troyer citrange affects photosynthesis and plant morphologyDistefano, G.; Muleo, Rosario ; Gentile; A.; Cirilli, M.; Las Casas, G.; La Malfa, S.; Continella, A.; Rugini, Eddo ; Thomas, B.; Long, G.; Gentile, A.
2015Ethylene inhibitor silver nitrate enhances regeneration and genetic transformation of Prunus avium (L.) cv StellaSgamma, T.; Thomas, B.; Muleo, Rosario 
1992Immunological detection of phytochrome in woody plantsMuleo, Rosario ; Rugini, R.; Partis, M.; Thomas, B.
2016In vitro plant culture system induces phase transition in fruit-bearing plantsSgamma, T.; Cirilli, M.; Caboni, M.; Maurizio, M.; Thomas, B.; Muleo, Rosario 
2013La qualit della luce modula linfezione e la risposta di difesa al colpo di fuoco batterico (Fire Blight)Zega, A.; Rugini, E.; Ruzzi, M.; Muleo, Rosario ; Thomas, B.; Sgamma, T.; Iezzi, G.; Massiah, A.; Luziatelli, F.; Silvestri, Cristian ; Cirilli, M.; Frioni, E.; Latini, G.
2003Overexpressing PhyA changes the cherry plant sensibilit to the proximity of light signalMuleo, Rosario ; Iacona, C.; Nicese, F.; Intrieri, M. C.; Boscherini, G.; Loreti, F.; Buiatti, B.; Thomas, B.
2003Overexpressing PhyA gene changes the cherry plant sensibility to the light signalMuleo, Rosario ; Iacona, C.; Intrieri, M. C.; Nicese, F.; Mancuso, S.; Guerriero, R.; Loreti, F.; Thomas, B.
2014Phase transition in woody plantsSgamma, T.; Cirilli, M.; Caboni, E.; Frioni, E.; Iacona, C.; Zecchini, M.; Thomas, B.; Muleo, Rosario 
2014TEMPRANILLO is a regulator of juvenility in plantsSgamma, T.; Jackson, A.; Muleo, Rosario ; Thomas, B.; Massiah, A.