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2020Assessing the effects of kata and kumite techniques on physical performance in elite karatekasMolinaro, Luca; Taborri, Juri; Montecchiani, Massimo; Rossi, Stefano 
2019Automatic detection of faults in race walking: A comparative analysis of machine-learning algorithms fed with inertial sensor dataTaborri, Juri; Palermo, Eduardo; Rossi, Stefano 
2020On the OCRA measurement: Automatic computation of the dynamic technical action frequency factorTaborri, Juri; Bordignon, Marco; Marcolin, Francesco; Bertoz, Alessandro; Donati, Marco; Rossi, Stefano 
2019Quantifying age-related differences of ankle mechanical properties using a robotic deviceMartelli, Francesca; Taborri, Juri; Prete, Zaccaria Del; Palermo, Eduardo; Rossi, Stefano 
2020Reactive postural responses to continuous yaw perturbations in healthy humans: The effect of agingMileti, Ilaria; Taborri, Juri; Rossi, Stefano ; Del Prete, Zaccaria; Paoloni, Marco; Suppa, Antonio; Palermo, Eduardo
2020Sport biomechanics applications using inertial, force, and EMG sensors: A literature overviewTaborri, Juri; Keogh, Justin; Kos, Anton; Santuz, Alessandro; Umek, Anton; Urbanczyk, Caryn; van der Kruk, Eline; Rossi, Stefano