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2022Anisakid nematodes in Trichiurus lepturus and Saurida undosquamis (Teleostea) from the South-West Indian Ocean: Genetic evidence for the existence of sister species within Anisakis typica (s.l.), and food-safety considerationsCipriani, Paolo; Giulietti, Lucilla; Shayo, Salome Daniel; Storesund, Julia E; Bao, Miguel; Palomba, Marialetizia ; Mattiucci, Simonetta; Levsen, Arne
2022Anisakid parasites (Nematoda: Anisakidae) in 3 commercially important gadid fish species from the southern Barents Sea, with emphasis on key infection drivers and spatial distribution within the hostsLevsen, Arne; Cipriani, Paolo; Palomba, Marialetizia ; Giulietti, Lucilla; Storesund, Julia E; Bao, Miguel