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2014Monitoraggio come strumento della gestione forestale sistemicaPortoghesi, Luigi; Marchetti, Marco; Scotti, Roberto; Corona, Piermaria
1998Relationship between environmental factors and site index in Douglas-fir plantations in central ItalyCorona, Piermaria; Scotti, Roberto; Tarchiani, Neri
2005Site quality evaluation by classification tree: an application to cork quality in SardiniaCorona, Piermaria; Dettori, Sandro; Filigheddu, Maria Rosaria; Maetzke, Federico; Scotti, Roberto
2013Stochastic gradient boosting classification trees for forest fuel types mapping through airborne laser scanning and IRS LISS-III imageryChirici, Gherardo; Scotti, Roberto; Montaghi, Alessandro; Barbati, Anna; Cartisano, Rosaria; Lopez, Giovanni; Marchetti, Marco; McRoberts, Ronald; Olsson, Hakan; Corona, Piermaria
2011Systemic silviculture, adaptive management and forest monitoring perspectivesCorona, Piermaria; Scotti, Roberto
2002Top-down growth modelling: a prototype for poplar plantations in ItalyCorona, Piermaria; Marziliano, Pasquale Antonio; Scotti, Roberto