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2023A Low-Cost Sensorized Vehicle for In-Field Crop PhenotypingAntonucci, Francesca; Costa, Corrado; Figorilli, Simone; Ortenzi, Luciano ; Manganiello, Rossella; Santangelo, Enrico; Gierz, Ɓukasz; Pallottino, Federico
2020Evaluating the potential use of Cu-contaminated soils for giant reed (Arundo donax, L.) cultivation as a biomass cropCoppa, Eleonora; Astolfi, Stefania ; Beni, Claudio; Carnevale, Monica; Colarossi, Davide; Gallucci, Francesco; Santangelo, Enrico
2021Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria (PGPR) Activity on Arundo donax (L.) cuttings and first assessments in presence of copperDi Mattia, Elena ; Franchi, Federico; Beni, Claudio; Santangelo, Enrico
2021Semi-automatic guidance vs. Manual guidance in agriculture: A comparison of work performance in wheat sowingScarfone, Antonio; Picchio, Rodolfo ; del Giudice, Angelo; Latterini, Francesco; Mattei, Paolo; Santangelo, Enrico; Assirelli, Alberto
2023The Profile of Bioactive Compounds in Two Tomato Lines (hp-2 and Atv_aft) When Grown under Low-Input Farming Conditions with or without Mulching and IntercroppingSantangelo, Enrico; Bergonzoli, Simone; Papetti, Patrizia; Mazzucato, Andrea ; Del Giudice, Angelo; Scarfone, Antonio; Beni, Claudio